Lucas – The Elephant And The Mouse – 3 March 2014

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The elephant mouse

A story about power, abuse and misplaced consciousness.  First of all let us recap on  the things. Consciousness is a state of being. It is not something you can say to be or think to be. You are or you are not conscious.  There is still a lot observed in the now as a lot are saying to be conscious but also at the same time not being conscious. Walk the talk is important.  You can not tell others to be conscious and do the opposite. You can not tell people to be creating a new paradigm but work with funding from some people who have hidden agendas or are not disclosed to all. You can not be telling people to be conscious if you leave all common sense behind and do still that what is totally against all you have been standing for in your fight for freedom. You can not tell people to be conscious and bring a new belief system into being.  You can not be consciously building a new paradigm and still built from scratch knowingly things from old concepts, patterns, expectations, etc, even give them another name or say they’re new. 

It is about consciously lying and bullshitting foremost yourself and then others. In this case the Elephant and the mouse are good examples in this little tale.

The Elephant and the mouse

The elephant was a powerful being but at the same time the elephant had still some fears it was hugely afraid of being not in power and for little things that where unknown to it.  The Elephant had seen its powerful realm in decline as it was becoming clear more and more little mice where becoming conscious and freed themselves from the terror of domination and being bullied and squashed by those elephants. The elephants had always good control over the mice but now it was like the mice were having in impact on their fellow mice.

Still there was a lot of mice that were scared and afraid for the wrath of that powerful beast. Its foot or its trunk and its sheer weight were enough to die easily. It was that what was used to still keep those mice in check. The elephants did by consciously ignoring their demise in power and the inner-power that more and more little mice had been finding themselves no favour.  They even tried with some mice to build structures they would say where new and would free them from their slavery and domination.  Those mice falling for that trap worked with evil elephant families that had only hidden power agendas in their mind. Still it is easy if you belief in things hard enough you will get yourself in a state of denial and ignorance. No common sense told by your fellow mice that want to show you to fall into trap are heard.

It is so easy to fall into traps of new leaders gathering new followers or sheeple in their groups or to get believing again. Common sense and asking yourself the right questions  are out of the question. Thus a lot of mice still get thinking to do things for the best of their fellow mice but not seeing their new captivity. This conviction has become even a point that you fight others over if they do not see it or ignore or murder or hurt others that wanna show you the perception of fake freedom they are in.  It is sad to see this happen.

Even most elephants in their case still wanting power are working to exterminate the mice that had woken up to their new conscious state. Some elephants found their real inner-power also just being inside it was about freedom for all as we could live together in harmony and still be individual elephants or mice. It was only needed not to group up but work on things  individually with others together for a common purpose of all. The conscious elephants and mice became working also together on things they could do together. It was great what could be accomplished but still some where not able to set aside their old habits, ideas and control.

It was that what made that certain consciously great created structures still got corrupted by some mice falling into traps again and elephants consciously making the choice to still separate mice and elephants as being minor and mayor beings in power and structure. Separation still worked as still people believed grouping up would make them one. Instead it was a trap. The group dynamic and the rules posed on the group, the same view of being a minor and mayor being was needed to be acknowledged even signed up for. If that would not work the group had still peer pressure to be forced into keeping in, complying or accepting the group rules.

Still the group was what most saw as their safe haven. The place they could be really ….. Wait what… not be themselves… It was about just being told how to be or not fit in even with coercion.  So grouping up was not freeing conscious mice. It was playing into the cards of the factions of  controlling elephant and mice. They used all that was in the book to keep things with lies, deceit and belief working. They still would be seeing the demise of their power as more and more would not be afraid anymore and were sure all of the mice and elephants should be able to live with each other without needing power or structures or groups.

So one day the elephant and mice on his trunk were telling the story of what happened in front of the group growing up little elephants and mice. It was a story that always ended with a good ending. It was about all of them consciously coming to see the balance in inner-power and the balance in all. There was no need for division, no need for control, no need for all things that were done to keep the separation going.  It was great as harmony, peace and progress was made.


It might be in future humans will understand the story as well. For now a lot of those that said to be awakened, or conscious and working for or in the new paradigm are not even in the slightest way showing so. Even the opposite. Working as individuals on projects still ends up to be working in controlled groups. Secrecy and hidden agendas are shown big time and transparency is still a new word not understood. Even new belief systems are created in a flick of switch and consciously humans get fooling themselves again and again. The cycles need to be broken not mended.

What was can not be anymore. What will be is not important. Only what is in the now counts. Now we need the courage to see and really look into your own heart deeply and say am I really conscious or just fooling myself or just going for the old shit again. It is not easy for some to go that deep but we need to do it.  Honesty is about first of all being honest towards yourself.  It is not kosher to just show your power hunger, push agendas just by sheer force and grouping up with all those that will support the belief or new power structure behind it.

The new paradigm is about all of us seeing our individual creator being in us that can create and manifest all. Still  it is done from the inner-knowing of doing all  for the best of humanity and the rest is just total freedom of being and using your individual expression of you as the creator being. There is only a total planet of individual consciousness working together in knowing to be one coming from the same source. Balance in all will bring all together. A golden ratio of consciousness.

Love and Light,


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