John Ward – If You’ve Been A Horse’s Ass All Your Life, Changes Are You Won’t Spot Any Trojan Horses Passing Through – 4 March 2014

trojhorseptnetA brief moment here if I may to return to the question of how tribalist division and denial make it easy for closet fascists to get their way. Make it easy, in fact, to hide malign intentions behind expressed good intentions.

Boris Johnson wrote a piece in the Daily Telegraph yesterday. In it, he referred to how ‘A child may be taken into care if he or she is being exposed to pornography, or is being abused – but not if the child is being habituated to this utterly bleak and nihilistic view of the world that could lead them to become murderers….This is absurd. The law should obviously treat radicalisation as a form of child abuse. It is the strong view of many of those involved in counter-terrorism that there should be a clearer legal position, so that those children who are being turned into potential killers or suicide bombers can be removed into care – for their own safety and for the safety of the public.’

BoJo is an instinctive self-publicist and propagandist, so he knows exactly how to get the thin end of the wedge under the door. First of all, he uses a hot topic (child abuse) to garner sympathy and gain attention; then he presents it as being so similar to Islamist radicalisation, any kid being radicalised should be taken into care. It is always the way: everyone needs a mad Dutch communist to be the culprit for a Reichstag Fire….everyone needs a Reichstag Fire to bring in an Emergency Powers Act.

The problem here, however, is that Islamist radicalisation is no Van der Lubbe fallguy: it is real, and it is here because of an idiotic and commonsense-free addiction of the Left to Human Rights and multiculturalism. BoJo is wrong to suggest a Mind Control Gestapo of social workers, because it will inevitably start with Islamist nutters, and then move swiftly on to Any Ideology we don’t Like. (It is truly ironic, by the way, to see the chap in charge of the Elm House investigation using child abuse as a marker).

But the Ed Miller Band will never admit to a mistake in having embraced manipulative human rights bollocks, any more than it will admit to multiculturalism having been a disastrous model for society. Result: the Rabid Right pushes through nonsense ideas like Johnson’s little wheeze above…and all our liberties get eroded further.

Michael Gove at Education and Jeremy Hunt at Health are using the exact same strategy: fluffy, politicised and wrong headed teaching let in Gove’s ‘all kids should learn to be middle class in business-sponsored schools’; and union-pushed overmanning plus bureaucratic management drivel in the NHS let in Hunt, Bottomley, and the private insurance model.

The modernist teaching espoused by Labour in the 1970s was a mistake. The abuse of the NHS by the TUC and white collar unions in the 1990s was a mistake. But you will not, under any circumstances, hear any Labour MP of note owning up to them.

The same thing applies to last week’s furore about the NCCL and what it did and didn’t do or think in the past. Yes, of course this was a witch-hunt by the Dacre Mail to smear the Nutty Troika as pervs: the Mail doesn’t give a toss about genuine child abuse really…it just wanted a target. If it cared about systemic paedophilia, it would’ve aimed similar ire at Boris Johnson’s overseership of Fernbridge, or Leon Brittan’s videotape collection. As it doesn’t, it didn’t.

But it simply won’t do for Labour to just stop there and say “Tory Manipulation”. Because two facts should be glaring at the Party leadership. First, that Harman and Dromey are airbrushing a past closely associated with Looney Hard Left nuclear-free zones and fraternal greetings to Comrades in Moscow. Hewitt at least admitted she’d been a youthful twit, but consider what the trio went on to do: Dromey went on to become the sleazy eminence grise at Unite, associated with some eccentric vote-counting in favour of Ed Miliband. Harman was fired by Tony Blair for incompetence, and Hewitt gave GPs the greatest pay rise plus weekends off bonanza in NHS history. Harman then returned to the Cabinet…and was a complete washout as Minister for Women. Not a single Family Court harassed mother was helped by her, and not one iota of light was shed on the Courts’ proceedings. Now she is Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Her promotion was a mistake. Any candidates on the Left want to argue for that?

The second fact is even more worrying. Past toleration of the “sexual experience rainbow” led to PIE gaining a foothold at the NCCL, and enabled paedophiles to slip easily into roles giving them access to children. When the consequences of this became clear, Labour panicked….and we had Ed Balls rabbiting on about screening twelve million adults working with children. In time, this has handed a political advantage to the Conservative Party: it led to Savile mania, which in turn pushed the door open for a wholesale political attack on the BBC – from which the only possible winner given Britain’s media landscape will be Murdoch.

Latterly, it also allowed David Cameron to trumpet a deal with the ISPs and security services to “root out paedophiles working in the deep internet”. As I showed last week, there are plenty of child-love sites floating about in which Plod has no interest whatsoever. But what GCHQ now has is more reasons to hunt out deep-web sites that are there for the best of reasons: to leak stuff that the pinched goblins in Whitehall and Washington don’t want us to see. Result: all our liberties get eroded further.

The “opposition” to neoliberalism in Britain (and the West as a whole actually) has two problems right now. One, it rarely even recognises the Trojan Horses built by fascists. And two, the fascists have plenty of ways to make the citizens like what the Trojan horses are doing….most of which are based on the Left’s detritus of past failures.

A Labour-branded, placard-carrying, demo-obsessed, socialist-driven Establishment opposition cannot do anything about this because it is tainted by that past; it won’t do anything about it because it fears losing votes as a result; and anything it tried to do would anyway come up against the simple reality of a clear ConDemned majority at Westminster. Finally, once in power it collaborates with the Establishment of which it is an integral part.

The Labour Party is primarily interested in looking safe. It tiptoes around the big issues because it wants power at any price in 2015. But our cultural and constitutional problems in the UK are now longer about power: they are about resistance to a Dark Age of braindead consumption, and radical reform to ensure the Dark Forces never grab the reins of a coach and horses through the Law ever again.

We don’t need a Resistance comprising insular bigots airbrushing the past and putting out banal tweets about Party reform window-dressing. We need a rainbow of radical realism ready to highlight our loss of the plot when it comes to human decency.

And no, I don’t care if some see decency as a “bourgeois” word – whateverTF that neo-Marxist word means in 2014 anyway. The very act of thinking that shows that you too are rooted in the past. But none of this will happen for the time being: there aren’t the numbers, there isn’t a uniting motive out there, and too many at the centre-Right still think it’s all going jolly well.

All we can do, therefore, is plug away….and pray that, when the opposition (small o) finally wakes up, we’ve not drifted into technological dictatorship.

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