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ActivistPost – Dana Gabriel – NAFTA Partners Pushing North American Competitiveness Integration Agenda – 4 March 2014

Logo_activistpost-comThe recent North American Leaders Summit in Mexico was seen as a perfect opportunity to try and kickstart the trilateral partnership. While there was no headline grabbers or major breakthroughs, the NAFTA partners still moved forward on some crucial issues that centered around North American competitiveness. They developed a shared set of priorities and established a roadmap for enhancing cooperation in areas such as trade, transportation, energy, as well as border facilitation. This includes creating a North American trusted traveler program which is part of ongoing efforts to establish a fully integrated continental security perimeter. During separate bilateral meetings, Canada and Mexico also took steps towards strengthening political, economic and security ties.

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Laura Bruno – Julian Rose – Constructing The New Society – 4 March 2014

laura-of-the-rocksThis essay by Julian Rose discusses many of the things we’re working towards in Goshen. Many of the suggestions dovetail with Transition Town ideas, but I love how Julian leaves things open for any community to begin asking these questions, brainstorming solutions and taking action steps towards change. As Julian says, “To bring a dream into reality is hard work.” In order to transform our world, we must dream and act.

Constructing the New Society
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InvestmentWatchBlog – Jim Willie – Bombshell: Saudi Royal Gold Ransacked in London to Prevent Default! – 4 March 2014

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : Just reposting it as it is such a laugh!)

“There will be no easy heads-up alert on the quick changes to the gold market. When the gold price starts rising, it will mean that China no longer has been given the big wide berth in high volume cheap gold purchases. A rising gold price will internally mean that the banks are breaking, at the same time the Chinese are to be frustrated. The Boyz are stealing all the Saudi gold now, left unprotected in London and Switzerland. The Saudis (and all Arabs) are the new targeted victims for stolen wealth in order to keep the system going. A massive disruption is coming.” Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Our Enhanced GPS System Is Installed And Ready For Navigation – 4 March 2014

lisagawlas2Things are finally starting to get so exciting.  Altho, after the slammed out biology ooze that has been January and February, anything that isn’t that would feel exciting!!  However, it really is so much more than that.  Remember back in the day when you finally put down the peddle power of your bicycle to pick up the keys to a car, when less of your energy got you further and faster than any bike could?  Well, we have arrived in such a fashion too, but with a lot more bells and whistles to us, to our ability to navigate in ways that are just way too exciting (at least for me!!! lol) Continue reading

Silent Winds Of Change – Incarnated Avatars – Who Or What Are They? – 4 March 2014

Silent Winds Of Change

An Avatar is a supreme act of white magic done in order to bring divine influences and light to earth at certain cyclic times.

Incarnated Avatars act as spiritual guides meeting and assisting people in dream-time. Frequently meeting them in 3D life and the other person recognizes them from the dream.

Typically they have had strong inner guidance (HigherSelf) since birth and may not have other obvious higher realm guidance.

Most of their life they have traveled the path less traveled.

They see through falsehoods in 3D and wonder why no one else does.

They naturally have people drawn to them and assist these people with guidance that just seems to “pop into their head”.

They realize that strict specific ways of doing things are only that teacher’s egoistic rules.  There are many ways of accomplishing the same things.

In truth all those who feel an affinity to the Lighworker title are incarnated avatars.  Only their own beliefs are limiting them from their true inner powers.

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ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 4 March 2014

  • ZeroHedgeNo need to use military force in Ukraine for now: Putin (Reuters)
  • Russia Orders Drill Troops Back to Bases (WSJ)
  • Ukraine premier agrees to reforms for aid package (FT)
  • Japan Base Wages Rise for First Time in Nearly Two Years (WSJ)
  • Only the algos are trading: Citigroup Joins JPMorgan in Seeing Trading-Revenue Drop  (BBG)
  • Vietnam sends blogger to prison for critical posts (AP)
  • At White House, Israel’s Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy (Reuters)
  • Obama to offer new tax breaks for workers in election year budget pitch (Reuters)
  • China Banks Show Too-Connected-to-Fail Link to Shadow Loans (BBG)
  • Ex-BOK Deputy Lee Named to Head South Korea Central Bank (BBG)
  • Beijing’s GDP Goal Under New Scrutiny (WSJ)
  • No mortgage origination problem in the UK: Mortgage approvals climb to six year high (Telegraph) Continue reading

UK Column Live – 4 March 2014

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TheIndependent – Bitcoin Trade Body Calls For FCA Clarification On Digital Currency Rules – 4 March 2014

The Independent

By Oscar Williams-Grut

A leading Bitcoin trade body has called on the City watchdog to clarify its position on the digital currency, as the taxman prepares to classify Bitcoin as a foreign currency.

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TheIndependent – RBS And Nationwide Cut Loans To Small Firms Despite State Aid – 4 March 2014

The Independent

Net new credit fell £1.3bn in the last nine months of 2013, Bank figures show

By Ben Chu

Quote: Net lending to small businesses shrank last year, despite the Bank of England/Treasury scheme to give banks an incentive to lend, official figures confirmed on Monday

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Hyper Report – 140304 – Rising Gas Prices – 4 March 2014

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