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John Ward – The NHS & The Private Sector: The Two 2013 Studies That The Tories Want You To Forget – 7 March 2014

JohnWEven the IFS, Nuffield and the Competition Commission admit that there is precious little demand for private healthcare

Last year, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) and Nuffield Trust (part of the private health provider) issued a report on the relationship between the NHS and the private sector since 2000 – or thereabouts. It is a good and full report, but its interpretation is that of a neloliberal think tank (Margaret Thatcher was an early member of the IFS) and Nuffield which – despite its protestations of balance – does have an agenda. Given these factors, some of the gems in there are to say the least surprising. Continue reading

DealBook – Two Banks Said To Suspend Employees In Currency Investigation – 7 March 2014


By Chad Bray

LONDON – Two more banks have suspended employees in the latest escalation of an investigation into potential manipulation of the $5 trillion-a-day foreign exchange markets, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

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TheIndependent – China Allows Chaori Solar Bond Default – 7 March 2014

The Independent

By Ben Chu

Chinese investors were given a wake-up call today as the country witnessed its first onshore corporate bond default in recent history.

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Hyper Report – 140307 – Inconsistant FDA – 7 March 2014

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TheIndependent – Weapons Of Mass Distraction: The Hazards Of Ridding Syria Of Its Chemical Arsenal – 7 March 2014

The Independent

As the Syrian regime shifts the deadline for disposing of chemical weapons, the US ambassador to the UN claims it is stalling. But with rebels attacking convoys, the situation is complicated

By Fernande van Tets

The US ambassador to the United Nations has launched a broadside against the Assad regime in Syria for its tardiness in complying with the programme to remove its stockpile of chemical weapons, despite the government in Damascus recently accelerating the timetable for their destruction.

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TheIndependent – BP Chief’s Pay Triples Despite Profits Plunge – 7 March 2014

The Independent

By Tom Bawden

BP more than tripled the total pay of its chief executive Bob Dudley to $8.7m (£5.2m) last year, despite a 22 per cent dive in profits, as the FTSE 100 oil company rewarded its boss for “building for the future”.

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MarketWatch – China Get Too Much Credit For Managing Its Debt – 7 March 2014

WSJ – MarketWatch

Opinion: Investors must take risks to China’s growth seriously

By Satyajit Das

SYDNEY (MarketWatch) — All eyes are watching how China handles its debt burden. Pessimists fear a catastrophic crash of the Chinese economy. Optimists expect a soft landing, with gradual reforms correcting the systemic issues.

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Phys.org – Australia To Prevent ‘Gravity’ Space Crash With Lasers (Update) – 7 March 2014

NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins participates in a spacewalks designed to allow the crew to change out a degraded pump module on the


NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins participates in a spacewalks designed to allow the crew to change out a degraded pump module on the exterior of the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, December 24, 2013

Quote: Australian scientists said Friday they aim to prevent a real-life version of the space disaster scenario portrayed in Oscar-winning film “Gravity” by removing extraterrestrial debris with lasers.
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X22Report – FED Repeats, It Would Take A Major Economic Disruption To Curb The Taper – Episode 307 – 7 March 2014

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DealBook – Solar Panel Maker Is First To Default In China’s Domestic Bond Market – 7 March 2014



HONG KONG — A small producer of solar panels on Friday became the first company in recent history to default in China’s domestic bond market, a development welcomed by analysts as a sign that the nation’s huge but protected corporate debt market may be growing up.

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