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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Cowabunga – 8 March 2014

eileenmeyerSwift waters knocked me sideways
Horizontal torpedo
Into a whole    new    world
Still riding the wave into the Unknown
I’ll let you know
When I know
Are you here?
I know I’m not alone…

I sat down in front of this blank blog space to try to reconnect with all of you, and the above prose shot right out. It’s a strange feeling… I AM undergoing a major reconnection to the rest of my Self. Who knew this convergence would happen in Flagstaff, Arizona. Past and future are enthusiastically meeting me here. Most of it is wordless… a bit challenging for a blog. Continue reading


Grandpaw Koyote Live – 8 March 2014

For 9 March 2014 by Grandpaw Peter Koyote Join Grandpaw Koyote & Friends as we rap about the “What’s Happening Now” thing… and a few other lil stories too…

Lisa Gawlas – Choices, The Equinox And The Potential First Contact! – 8 March 2014

lisagawlas2Sometimes, I think my team loves to just watch this crazy human stew in her own juices.  I have said many times, we are their comedy show.  There they are, with their tub of pop corn, laughing their butts off at how seriously we can take ourselves.  Every now and then, they leap off their chairs and celebrate our mile stone of getting ourselves out of the stewed up juice.

I pondered every single thing I did and most importantly (to me) what I did not do since March began all the way thru my morning yesterday.  Choices, geez louise!!  Finally I found the right question to ask… what kind of choices are you talking about that allows for the new experiences this whole year is embedded with.  Altho I love my voyeur kind of life, I really want to be a participant as well!!  Ohhhhh, the relief that flooded in. Continue reading

ActivistPost – James Smith – TSA Orders Over Half-Ton Of High Powered Explosive – 8 March 2014

Logo_activistpost-comPut this in the “What in the hell are they thinking?” category, but the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) protectors of the friendly skies, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has submitted another request for high explosives via the Federal Business Online website today, and has issued a Limited Source Justification for three businesses to provide the material: Hallowell Manufacturing LLC, Omni Explosives Inc, and Tripwire Operations Group.

While this is not new, the explosive they are requesting has not been ordered/solicited in the past 10 years.

Explosive takes down airplane (top image) – Flight 11 debris covers a field, 1962. Investigators determined that one of the passengers brought down the airplane for the life insurance proceeds to his family

They are requesting a total of 1,386 pounds of dynamite, specifically – UNIMAX extra gelatin NG- SIZE, which comes out to 1,980 sticks of 1 1/2 inch by 8 inches of nitroglycerin badness.

Read the full story at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article

Euros For Non-Bloc Ukraine Enrages EU Taxpayers – 8 March 2014

Uploaded on 8 March 2014 RT logoby RT

The International Monetary Fund says it’s ready to support Ukraine’s new government with a loan. The country’s political crisis cost it economically, but the IMF’s European head believes the country is on the path to stability. EU taxpayers are not so convinced – and some are not happy about taking on another struggling economy, which isn’t even part of the bloc.
Continue reading

Wakingtimes – Dylan Charles – Run For Your Life – My Flight From the Modern Medical Establishment – 8 March 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Learning to find your own way in this backward world is no easy task. Our indoctrination into this culture and society is different for everyone, of course, but a common principle instilled in us is that certain members of our community are to be revered as credible by virtue of their professional status, age, wealth, or association with certain institutions, government agencies, etc.

This rule is applied at colleges, in business, when dealing with legal matters, and in social circles. We are instilled with a connection between success and trust, and as we come of age we have a natural tendency to automatically trust people of stature without first evaluating or understanding their personal merits, or examining them for signs of genuine virtue.

Read the full story at:  www.wakingtimes.com / link to original article

ZeroHedge – Warning Shots Fired At OSCE Mission In Crimea; Russia Warns Of Treaty Force Majeure Over “Unfriendly NATO Threats”

ZeroHedgePerhaps it is time to finally admit that anyone who thought Putin’s Tuesday press conference, which the market so jubilantly assumed was a case of “blinking” and de-escalating tensions with the west, was wrong. If there is still any confusion, following yesterday’s news that Gazprom officially threatened Ukraine with cutting off its gas supplies, as well as the storming of a Ukraine base by Russian troops – luckily with no shots fired so far – then today’s developments should any remaining doubts. Moments ago AP reported that as the latest, third in a row, group of OSCE inspectors tried to enter Ukraine, they were not only barred from doing so, but warnings shots were fired to emphasize the point by pro-Russian forces. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Dollar Bears Tread Carefully, Better Tone Coming – 8 March 2014

ZeroHedgeThe euro and Swiss franc rose to new highs since Q4 2011, while sterling moved to within half a cent of the best level since 2009 set in mid-February in recent days.  The market was all rife with speculation of a break out.  However, our reading of the technical and fundamental condition, suggests dollar bears tread carefully.

If the past week was about the lack of escalation in both Russia/Ukraine and China, coupled with the ECB holding pat, next week may see the pendulum swing back a bit. This could lend itself to a more consolidative trading, which in the current context, may be somewhat supportive of the greenback.

With a referendum planned in Crimea next weekend that will likely lead Russia’s annexation, the confrontation may escalate again.  Although the yuan strengthened in the past week, we suspect that uncertainty spurred by the first on-shore default and the apparent official desire to inject more volatility may weigh on the yuan..  China unexpectedly reported a large trade deficit in February, and although it was the distorted by the lunar new year, some will see evidence that the yuan is now over-valued.  The ECB did not change policy, but the large pay down of LTRO borrowings, and the strength of the euro, may spur speculation that the door to easing has not closed.  Moreover, official efforts to jawbone the euro lower may also increase.

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com/ link to original article

ActivistPost – Baker’s Green Acres and Heritage Hogs – PLAN B – 8 March 2014

Logo_activistpost-comMark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres has always refused the offer to back down when it came to the state of Michigan and the DNR ordering fines of $700,000 and the destruction of his heritage pigs – because they looked different. For nearly three years, the Bakers have been hanging on by a thread while pushed by aggressive tactics from three agencies – Michigan, the DNR and the USDA – which had embargoed and closed in on them, even threatening them with a raid and bullying their friends and buyers. While Michigan finally retreated, it doesn’t change the situation for anyone else or arbitrary attacks in the future.

This compelling video recaps what happened, provides an update and encouragement for what we can do help farmers facing the same situation. Mark isn’t just fighting for himself. See more below. Continue reading

US Warship In Black Sea As Ukraine’s Crimea Readies For Referendum – 8 March 2014

RT logo( Lucas : A lot of muscle showing….would they really be going to war….I doubt that USA,EU and NATO are up to that… There will be soon a diplomatic or otherwise solution to ease the situation…)

US Navy destroyer, the USS Truxtun, has crossed Turkey’s Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. With the Crimea Peninsula getting ready to hold a referendum on independence from Ukraine in a week, the US is ramping up its military presence in the region.

USS Truxton is heading to “previously planned” training exercises with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies, AFP reported earlier. At the same time, Fox News declared that NATO’s bolstering presence in the Black Sea is a “defensive” measure to counter “Russian military aggression” in Ukraine.

Facts you need to know about Crimea and why it’s in turmoil

Russia’s 25,000-troop allowance & other facts you may not know about Crimea

The situation in Ukraine is close to financial and humanitarian catastrophe, urging mass protests in eastern regional centers against self-proclaimed government in Kiev. The autonomous Crimea region is preparing to hold a March-16 referendum on whether it wants to remain part of Ukraine or join Russia, after ousted President Viktor Yanukovich fled the country and the opposition imposed a central government.

Subsequently, Russia’s upper chamber of the parliament approved the possibility of Moscow deploying troops to Ukraine and particularly to Crimea – but only to protect ethnic Russians in Crimea.

Read the full story at:  www.rt.com/link to original article and videos