AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Cowabunga – 8 March 2014

eileenmeyerSwift waters knocked me sideways
Horizontal torpedo
Into a whole    new    world
Still riding the wave into the Unknown
I’ll let you know
When I know
Are you here?
I know I’m not alone…

I sat down in front of this blank blog space to try to reconnect with all of you, and the above prose shot right out. It’s a strange feeling… I AM undergoing a major reconnection to the rest of my Self. Who knew this convergence would happen in Flagstaff, Arizona. Past and future are enthusiastically meeting me here. Most of it is wordless… a bit challenging for a blog.

Here’s what I know for sure. Listening, feeling, and generally being present is where one catches the new wave. Lose the judgment… ANY judgment… and your surfing into a new, more benevolent world will be magical and blessed.

One moment I’m in Santa Fe. The next I’m in Flagstaff – 45 minutes north of Sedona. I responded to a call… about a job. A job? My old self that resided in the polarized weirdness would’ve judged that. I DON’T WANT NO STINKIN’ JOB! I want to be FREE!

HELLO. Don’t judge. Listen, feel and be present. Unexpected creatures and connections live in these waves. At first they appear to be something you THINK you know. And then you find out that you don’t know… and the Universe is ready to SHOW you! EVERYTHING is a potential gift – just waiting for us to unwrap it now. If you judge that old book cover called, “This is LIFE” you may just miss the magic inside. In other words, it wasn’t about a job.

My whole life has been about preparing for this intersection in consciousness. My passion and purpose is to help those who feel the call, to enter into LIFE, to assist in the navigation of these big waves. Last month a generous donor provided a pay-it-forward session for someone (thank you). I was inspired to do four… I guess you could say I paid it forward x4. Spirit responded x144, and showed me THIS IS MY real LIFE, and I have added even more insight and healing ability as the TEAM adds more focused expertise into the network.

On this beautiful Earth, I have spent time in the trenches and simultaneously with ETs and celestial beings. Yeah, I was the freaky daughter, sister, cousin, and co-worker. Oh dear God, I am shouting joyfully… thank you for providing the rest of the pieces that reveal there was always a purpose in the Universal Heart-mind. As crazy difficult as this life has been… there was and is a rhyme and reason for all of it. Here now, in Flagstaff AZ, I am meeting, integrating, and strengthening all of the pieces of myself – both off planet and on. There is no more trying to make sense of what doesn’t – and will NEVER – make sense from thought… and the past… where thought resides. Trust me, Love really does fill in all those pesky blanks.

I’m ready. Are you?

Blessings to all dudes and dudettes… COWABUNGA NOW!

If you feel it – Transition Team session and contact info can be found here.

Coming Out as a Contactee talks will resume in a few weeks. I’m wondering if cowabunga waves are happening in their lives as well. I may schedule a group chat to discuss current inner and outer events!  Past talks can be found here at Vimeo, and also here at BlogTalk Radio. / link to original article

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