Lisa Gawlas – Choices, The Equinox And The Potential First Contact! – 8 March 2014

lisagawlas2Sometimes, I think my team loves to just watch this crazy human stew in her own juices.  I have said many times, we are their comedy show.  There they are, with their tub of pop corn, laughing their butts off at how seriously we can take ourselves.  Every now and then, they leap off their chairs and celebrate our mile stone of getting ourselves out of the stewed up juice.

I pondered every single thing I did and most importantly (to me) what I did not do since March began all the way thru my morning yesterday.  Choices, geez louise!!  Finally I found the right question to ask… what kind of choices are you talking about that allows for the new experiences this whole year is embedded with.  Altho I love my voyeur kind of life, I really want to be a participant as well!!  Ohhhhh, the relief that flooded in.

We make choices all day long.  Conversations we have, the way we choose to feel about conversations others may have with us, do we approach things with love or fear or (in my choices dilemma,) angst.  Are we excited about where we brought ourselves, are we afraid to make a new move, learn a new skill.  Have we started to live outside our comfort zone, let go of people or places that allow us to feel less than, have we surrounded ourselves with people who can trigger the best we have within ourselves.  Where do you choose to put your focus today, right now?  And then there is that important thing I thought about yesterday, my bitch sessions with spirit.  Let me tell you, I can raise the roof when it comes to those unexpected down days and have to reschedule a whole day of insight, the frustration I feel inside.  Phew, they left us off the hook.  These moments are actually filled with love and desire to be in service, so it is not the bitching that has any effect, but the desire that has created the moment.

Ok, I can breathe again, and hope you can too!!!

All of our daily choices are planting the seeds of experience as we move deeper into this year.  The relay of full on activation of our seeds is happening around the enormous energy field of the equinox on the 20th.  This activation is so large and so high frequency that it will take 7 days to complete its energy release and expansion.  3 days prior, the day of and three days after, that takes us from the 17th thru the 23rd and we emerge on the other side the 24th.  That’s HUGE!!

The only thing I do understand about the other side of the equinox, the last week of march before we enter April, is this “buffer” that has been surrounding us thru this month starts to release itself.  We will be released from the intense orientation period of this first quarter as we become the creator Beings unabetted.


Lets take a big moment to wrap our current choices, places of focus with the potential that lays before us.  One of my connections yesterday was with that funny looking man from the stars, the one whose body was a cross between elephant feet and a bunny and kangaroo body.  An ambassador to other ET emissaries.  We all get to understand sooo much thru him and I am forever grateful for the wisdom that flowed thru our connections together.

This time around, I did not see his body at all, instead, the focus was on this puff of energy that seemed to open up from the ground itself, just to the left side of his path forward.  Connecting its importance with his physical life attention.  It took me a bit to really understand what was being shown to him, but by George, I got it!!

For those of us who have alliances within the stars, this is as important to us as it is to him, at least in practice.

Have you noticed that almost all the ET sightings have been centered around the same places thru the years?  This is due to various magnetic frequencies that are emitted from the earth that serves very much like a honing device or GPS signal that opens the ability to our friends from the stars to be in that area.  With this new earth and the meet and greets that are planned, there are new magnetic frequencies that will allow our friends from the stars to be in other places yet explored by them.  Our job, if we choose, is to really become one with that magnetic pocket in the earth.  Align with it, follow it to the bigger pocket that will attract their arrival.  There is also a relay system as you merge with that frequency, back to those whose job it is to connect with you, in the physical, here on our precious earth.

Thru his reading, his friends said they do have a target arrival this year, later this year, but this year none the less.  I tried to hone in on the when, but equally realized the when depends on him.  Suddenly, I could feel the fact that he had not done the homework that was given to him the last time we meet.  Connecting with these Beings telepathically and learning their communication and language relay.   He confirmed what I was feeling.  Hey!!!!!  DO YOUR HOMEWORK, please (smile.)

Then, we got this big amazing dose of April.  Holy flipping intense batman!!  What was said to him, I have been so trying to understand in detail.  All four sectors of his physical life are going to be affected by his choices.  Each sector individually, emerging as a new whole life experience/blueprint thru it all.

I started scrambling to understand the 4 sectors, I think, well, there is work and home life, there is our outer world activities ohhhhhh here is the one I have been missing, our inner world (spiritual) activities.  I could see these four sections, all flushed with various shades of violet, moving around like cogs every time he changed his mind. creating different hmmmmmm, outcomes seems to simple an expression.

But, OMG, I think I almost understand something!!!  Thru others, we have seen the potential (again souly dependent on our day-to-day choices) of being activated in our new living soul blueprints in life.  Think of it like this, when we actually die and then reincarnate, we are given a new life path, abilities, connections and stuff… same here without having to physically die.  In contrast to the whole reincarnation gig, we do not have 80 years to fulfill any parts of our contract, we have 3.  Wow… THREE????  I was really hoping that that time frame was unique to my lady heading to Mexico, but this morning, I suppose not.

The choices, and these are big ones, not our day-to-day moments… will set in motion the parts of the blueprints that you (we) are willing to participate in fully.  We will have another chance to bring more of that energy into our life (if we choose to forgo any of the experiences set) in October, but with much more intensity.

Bigger gulp.

I think i am going to spend these next two weeks looking for the landing pad of my friends from the Pleiades.  I do not want to be asleep at the wheel when they planned to show up!!

On that note, let me leave you with a question to really ask yourSelf… what are you not doing that you could be doing… Now???

Ohhhhh my beautiful dream weavers, your engines have already started!!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of magnificent uncomfortablness to everyone (keeping in mind, Life starts outside of our comfort zone!!)

I love you all so much and am beyond grateful for our connections every single day!!  I celebrate the Light of You every moment of my days!!

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