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John Ward – Ukraine : David Scameron & Angela Mirakle Agree On Peaceful Solution To Crisis – 10 March 2014

JohnWThe new Anglo-German Entente is going from strength to strength.


Earlier at The Slog: The Barclay Brothers offer more economic mirages

www.hat4uk.wordpress.com / link to original article

ZeroHedge – Europe Weakens Again As Investors Seek The Safety Of… Portuguese Stocks! – 10 March 2014

ZeroHedgeEuropean sovereign bond spreads have not batted an eyelid during the recent Russia-Ukraine crisis… and why should they, Draghi will do “whatever it takes.” Even HY credit in Europe is holding up – despite an ugly squeeze wider on Friday (chatter that positioning in very long credit). But with Europe’s VIX above 20, the broad European stock index is now below pre-Putin levels. What is perhaps most stunning is that while investors have piled out of German, Swiss, and French stocks in the last few days, they have backed-up-the-truck in “new normal” safe-haven Portugal. The reason proferred by some – Portugal is further from Ukraine (and less dependent on Russia’s gas) – which of course is the critical swing factor for an economy that remains crushed aside from trade with Germany.

Stocks are back below Putin levels…

Read the full story and see charts at: www.zerohedge.com /link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – “Fractal Antenna’s” Coming Online And The ET Technology Insertions -10 March 2014

lisagawlas2I think March should really be dubbed the month ET’s phoned earth!  In my 11+ years of reading, never has their presence been so present in readings as it is in March.   Did you ever wonder how it is that they know how to speak your language?  I never once thought about it, at least not until this crazy month, because I am having the hardest time translating what they are attempting to communicate.  Well, now I get it!! Continue reading

NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – Chinese Government Cafeterias Go Non-GMO; Public Schoolchildren Still Being Fed Poisons – 10 March 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Outrage erupted in the health world after China’s Ministry of Education recently announced that it does not serve genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to diners at its cafeteria. GMWatch.org and others report that the government agency has a sign currently posted at the doorway of its cafeteria stating that GMOs are not served to government employees or members of the public who might visit the facility, and yet these same transgenic derivatives continue to be served to China’s public schoolchildren. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – The Enemy Of My Enemy (Video) – 10 March 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to video/podcast

We’ve seen the rollout of the MSM propaganda using over-the-top hyperbole and flat-out lies to try to demonize Russia in the lead up to the “new cold war.” But is this just part of the dialectic, trying to get us to buy into one side or the other in a rigged game? Should we devolve into mere spectators choosing sides in a squabble between #TeamObama and #TeamPutin? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore whether the enemy of our enemy is indeed our friend. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 10 March 2014

  • Index of largest Chinese stocks drops to lowest since February 2009 (BBG)
  • Plane-Debris Hunters Seek Suspected Aircraft Window Part (BBG)
  • New-Home Building Is Shifting to Apartments (WSJ)
  • Forward Guidance Risks Stoking Instability, BIS Says (BBG)
  • Alleged Bitcoin Millionaire Nakamoto Gets $28,000 Donations (BBG)
  • Mexico kills drug kingpin reported dead years ago (Reuters)
  • Tencent to Buy 15% Stake in JD.com to Boost E-Commerce (BBG)
  • Bitcoin exchange MtGox ‘faced 150,000 hack attacks every second’ (Telegraph)
  • Noyer Says Stronger Euro Creates Unwarranted Pressure on Economy (BBG)
  • Russian Forces Gain in Ukraine as Separatist Vote Looms (BBG)
  • Afghan Taliban threaten to attack ‘sham’ poll ‘manipulated by U.S.’ (Reuters)
  • Sean Connery Denied Scottish Vote Open to Foreigners (BBG)
  • Pharmaceutical Scouts Seek New Star Drugs for Cancer, Diabetes (WSJ) Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Julian Rose – Organic Farming And Green Wisdom – 10 March 2014

laura-of-the-rocksJulian sent this February 20, 2014 talk to me in response to a short discussion in which I remarked that I so appreciate his work, because he’s “one of the few who recognizes the combined power of spirituality, vision/imagination and community action. Most people seem to get stuck in one paradigm, but we need all three to make any sort of real, lasting change.”

In retrospect, he felt he might have “got it wrong about Whole Foods” and their level of commitment to organics; however, I do know from David’s short stint working there last year that — despite the fact that they have some serious issues with GMO’s and far from full disclosure about “natural” foods — WF does, in fact, “get a lot of things right.” Just yesterday, for example, I read that 54% of Food Sold at Walmart is Banned at Whole Foods. Anyway, I prefer growing my own food or buying directly from organic farmers, but I don’t think Julian is off base that shopping at WF represents a major upgrade from what my friend Shazzie calls the “stupormarket.” :) Continue reading