ZeroHedge – Europe Weakens Again As Investors Seek The Safety Of… Portuguese Stocks! – 10 March 2014

ZeroHedgeEuropean sovereign bond spreads have not batted an eyelid during the recent Russia-Ukraine crisis… and why should they, Draghi will do “whatever it takes.” Even HY credit in Europe is holding up – despite an ugly squeeze wider on Friday (chatter that positioning in very long credit). But with Europe’s VIX above 20, the broad European stock index is now below pre-Putin levels. What is perhaps most stunning is that while investors have piled out of German, Swiss, and French stocks in the last few days, they have backed-up-the-truck in “new normal” safe-haven Portugal. The reason proferred by some – Portugal is further from Ukraine (and less dependent on Russia’s gas) – which of course is the critical swing factor for an economy that remains crushed aside from trade with Germany.

Stocks are back below Putin levels…

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