Lucas – Economic Alleged Facts Still Told But Not Adding Up To Reality! – 11 March 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsJust an example of this is the everywhere popping up data that are produced to show the economy is doing better in your country, etc. It does not match any common sense reality if you can read, hear and see yourself what happens in your own country and region. Massive lay-offs, lots of companies close their doors or their subsidiaries or close more of their stores, the amount of people on benefits and food stamps grows still, the amount of part-time workers having two or more jobs to meet the ends is growing, the production sector vanishes and the so-called service sector grows while the people can not pay for or need all that service that is offered and so there will be also losses of companies in that sector.. It is about the demise or the collapse of the economy and financial system that needs to come done. All is total out of balance and a growth in the economy is just total nonsense. So know that things will change quickly and that means things will not and can not be anymore the same after the collapse.

Irish Examiner – By Padraic Halpin – Economy grew just 0.4% in Q4 -Ireland’s economy probably grew by 0.4% in the last quarter of 2013 and more robust growth is expected for 2014 as the labour market gains momentum and exports improve, a Reuters poll showed yesterday. -

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