Sophia Love – March 11th Update 1 And 2 – 12 March 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia!

As You can feel energy pressure is at a peak. This is the fall of illuminati with a crack like Humanity wanted!

Illuminati order wish to give out everything left they still got, they decided “now or never”. For that their Judgment will be maximal. They started massive anti russian propaganda to tarnish the image of russians and olympics and president Vladimir Putin. Right now Russia is protecting Crimea and People of this land are deciding Their own future, yet all western main stream media points this as “dirty tactic of Russian People”. No one died in Crimea so far from violence thanks to “self defense forces” (they are russians, but prefer to be named so, this is their will). CIA made a dirty tactic, a crime against Humanity by shooting protesters using trained snipers in Ukraine. This is a repeated situation, same thing happened in Egypt not long ago and was happening in Iraq.

Right now in Ukraine took power same WW2 ideologies: nazism and fascism. The pressure and despair in western Ukraine reached it’s climax. And now minority’s true face is shown. As You remember WW2 was as well instigated by illuminati order and nazism and zionism and communism are their creations which bound “to destroy”.

The new ukrainian government representatives made a deal with U.S. and EU governments and NATO, that they need to provoke People of Russia to attack them or make it so, so it will look like People of Russia “are attacking”. Ukraine send a lot of military equipment near Crimea border.

The missing plane is also a provocation, as I was told People there died, and They were intentionally killed (though I hope this wouldn’t be real). Now blaming will go to Iran. Here was played illuminati card called “combined disasters”. Paralympics games are taking place in Sochi and these two disasters (U.S. government’s invasion to Ukraine and destruction of plane) took place during olympics.

Climax of all this will be reached on blood moon on 15 April and will be present at high until Solar eclipse at April 29. They still wish to make world war 3, but they will fail and We All know that!

This whole conflict can be prevented, and casualties reduced, meditate for World Peace, Mutual Understanding and Harmony Among All Things!


This is to answer to some questions I saw               —
“Are the 13 crystal skulls he refers to (“Ancient Masters, Crystal Skulls” on Feb 21 2014) the same as the ancient stones you have spoken about ?

Sorry, GE, I meant ancient machines, which you talked about on Jan 20 2014 – not ancient stones.”

Ancient Masters are not Ancient Machines. Masters are the ones that were living alongside Humanity in ancient times, Ancient Machines never intervening in non Forces of One civilizations and they never call themselves as Masters and never like when someone is calling them so, they prefer to be called simply Friends or Guardians.

“There has been a lot of talk about the “Eastern alliance” comprising of countries supporting the BRICS nations. And also that “Eastern alliance” is the force that will stop the Illuminati/ Western Cabal. Is there a force inside China and/or above the current communist leadership that is part of the Eastern alliance? Or is it something different?”

Inside China, most of this system supports the new world without war, violence, hatred and depopulation. Chinese People are very Spiritual, even highly greedy People have Respect and Honor which is lacked within indo european greedy People. The whole People’s Republic of China will be ready to go along with making this World a more beautiful and harmonious place! Same side took People of Russia, People of India, People of Brazil, People of Iran, People of Iraq, People of Syria, People of Lebanon (shia muslim People).

I want also to point out a main difference between shia and sunni as We touched this subject. Shia People are being hated because they accept the changes within Quran and don’t accept the rule of califs (kings of the Earth). They also believe that knowledge passes to next generations and teaching of Mohammed can be changed.

Sunnis believe that this is not possible, only original teaching is the most true “holy”. And everything will be decided on “end days”, until then “nothing can be changed”. This is fundamentalism and illuminati order prefer sunni as these People are “not allowed to evolve” and They can be easily controlled, much like fundamentalist christians and judaeans.

Numbers of shia believers are slightly lower than sunni believers and in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are committed crimes against shia and christian People on daily basis..

“Hi GE, I had posted a little while back that I had felt a shift or something to a release happening. I was wondering if you can confirm that there was “something” that or had occurred? And just recently was hit with either a wave of energy the other day that literally had me fall asleep on the couch by 8:30 (local time) and I slept for 10 hrs, which is not normal for me. I felt very “heavy” all day prior to that.

Also, I make Orgonite devices and I was wondering if you know about them? I make them with other stones known to heal or help with EMF and negative energy. Would love to know your thoughts about them?

P.S. I am so happy the Olympics were a success and that the world had a view inside of Russia. With issues about the LGBT community being supported to views of what western media broken by their depiction of Russia. The tip of the iceberg is now shown to be attached to a much greater chunk of ice that is slowly starting to rise…and we are ready to see what that is about to reveal!

I answered to energy shift question Good Friend! Many things happened and illuminati are pushing their “last stand”. Though You can see even media cannot hold lies afloat.

Orgonite are very excellent healing method, You can mix different variations and change the healing effect, very much like crystal/stone healing.

Indeed, People of the World at first bought the lie about Russia invading Ukraine, now Majority saw that this was a big lie, Humanity is almost woke up, only few time is necessary to complete this wakefulness. Illuminati knows this and are doing everything fast to prevent this, We can stop them, Unite Your abilities and meditate!

I wanted to add this video, whenever You see an oval, know that it can be used intentionally (in west most of the times) or unintentionally (unknowingly). This is a good symbol, yet illuminati order again distorted it’s meaning
Click here.

Remember We Together and Individually can prevent many bad things from happening, the Power of One is in Your Hands! We are One and One are We!
Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to Everyone!

Update 2
Hi,Thank you!  I just saw this –
Click here.

Any comments?


The ship You saw there was indeed Galactic Federation of Light, Sirian made. It is their favor to make oval and cigar-shaped design.

Orionians with reptilians prefer triangularity, both Sirians and Orionians have good relations and both can lie without shame unfortunately. Reptilians are more sneaky, but Sirians are following in their path.

The ones from Sirius B are more problematic than from Sirius A. Sirius C is quiet at least. illuminati order was in close contact with both of them and still we see that both Sirians and Orionians wish this experiment to continue.

Ashtar (Asta) as You remember are the watchers of Humanity’s experiment. Trusting them is not a very good thing to do as they are the same if not worse than illuminati order. This is what I can tell on their role right now.

Pleiadeans and Arcturians are quiet right now.

I hope this will aid You in understanding! Much Love!

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