Lisa Gawlas – Reincarnating Without Physical Death – 15 March 2014

lisagawlas2I suppose I now fully understand why spirit keeps saying over and over, time does not matter.  I have been expecting (my biggest mistake here) to go thru whatever blueprint activation’s spirit has been talking about around the equinox, but ohhh hell no.  I think I should have listened a weee bit closer when spirit said that March 9th denotes “endings” and the 10th starts new beginnings.  But I am not going to bitch (much) because I was given a great gift in seeing the change out of blue prints within my own biology and life field.  The one thing that remains true, if it is happening to me, it is happening to you too!

On the 10th of March I had to go out into the big wide world to meet with my oncologist to go over my CT scan results.  I think he was as excited to give me the news as I was to receive it, my lungs are perfectly clear, no signs of anything…. hurray.  My heart is visually in great shape.  The only strange thing that my scan picked up was an 11mm X 11mm (love that size) node on the top side of my thyroid at the hyoid bone.  He assured me it is a solid node, not a cyst, and nothing to do with cancer.  Even reading the radiology report and googling all their “terms” I settled into that understanding too.  I asked him if that node was the reason for my lack of true voice.  He said he is referring me out to an ears, nose and throat specialists and I realized he had no idea, cuz he said it is not even in the same place as my voice.  Wrong!!

I googled it when I got home, sure enough, thyroid nodes, especially when they align with the hyoid bone which helps to produce voice, can cause coughing, wheezing and hoarseness.

In my own way, I have to smile at my node, every aspect of life itself is created from the chemicals within our body, the thyroid, hypothalamus and pineal are relay systems of reach other, and my chemicals have been off the charts thanx to what I choose to do for a living, drink in your elixir of life!!  Yummmmy!!

But I am getting ahead of the story… let me get back to my drive home from my day out in the world.  As I was cruising the road that runs thru the Jemez, suddenly my eyes caught a series of vortex energies swirling about in the far distance on the left.  They were all grayish black and not connected to any aspect of the earth that I could see.  There were 5 vortexes swirling about as if in a dance with each other and as quickly as I seen them, I no longer seen them and then I just plain forgot about that experience.

Several hours later, as I was sitting watching a show on TV, suddenly my vision caught movement to my left along my upper wall.  I really thought a bird was flying along the wall and over the loft area.  I waited for it to fly out and nothing, I realized I did not see a bird but energy weaving itself inside my home.  How strange…  but like the dancing vortexes, I soon forgot about that event as well.

The next day, as I attempted our connections, my ability to see was crystal clear, my ability to understand what I am seeing must have stayed in bed, because my feeling and hearing connections were non-existent.  It is kind of like watching the TV with the sound off…  I rescheduled everyone.

I was really surprised when the next day (the 12th) I was completely down.  No sight, no hearing no nuttin.  But a very strange occurrence for the first three folks I did try and read for, my sinus’ blew up.  Sneezing, blowing, and snot running everywhere, until I moved out of my reading area, then I was just fine.  That alone was very strange, but very much like my body protecting me from energy overload.  Another day of rescheduling.  But it got to the point reading particular emails or trying to respond, triggered my sinus overload.  By the end of the day I was sure my eyeballs were just going to pop straight out of my head from the back pressure.  Thank god that didn’t happen.

Sleep that evening was going to just be strange.  At first I thought I was dreaming, until I kept waking up and the dream kept on going.  In the dream that was not a dream, I could feel and kind of see, several people surrounding me.  Suddenly these people or Beings went from surrounding me to shrinking to about a half-inch in size and all of them suddenly popped into my neck in two groups.  Five started working on the main throat area and then five others came in and started working specifically at my thyroid / larynx area.  Like I said, i woke up several times from this work they were doing, not because it hurt, just because it was so very strange to have two groups of tiny beings in my throat!

I finally gave up on any real sleep and decided to get up and write, hoping to reveal to myself what exactly was going on with and within me.  Didn’t happen.  I had zero connectedness, except when I gave up.  Suddenly I could see 12 different spaceships all bumped together in a straight line across my field of vision.

When my first reading appointment rolled around, I realized just how down I was, we got a big fat nothing.  Dammit.  My body started to get cold, so I decided to wait under the blankets for my next appointment time, hoping I could see for her.  I fell asleep and woke up 20 minutes after her scheduled time and in that time I was watching these beings once again, this time they were doing things to my head and crown area.  I woke up 20 minutes late for my second appointment.   I could feel my whole energy field disintegrating but held out to talk to my third appointment for the day and we rescheduled.

I could feel my core temperature getting hot and my outer skin getting cold and what was left of my ability to stay awake, slipping away.  I rested my eyes for what I had hoped was just a moment, but ended up being pretty much the rest of the day, missing three appointments all together.  I did, however, get to witness every detail of rewiring that was happening during my fever induced sleep.

Every time I tried to stay awake, keep my eyes open, I once again seen this line of spaceships, and it felt like they were blocking my ability to go beyond their energy field.

Those five vortexes I had seen, were actually going to become parts of my new wiring, the first one being connected to my crown, actually, to the entire area of my head.  I watched them thread this new energy system to the area just under the skin of my forehead and down behind my eyes.  I watched as they intricately connected the upper, outer area to a larger energy system, my new grid work.

In my big sleep, I watched as new energy was pulled from my pores and interconnected to that new grid.  Each strand starting out black then as it became connected to a new grid that seemed to fill the entire outer area of my world, they turned golden in color.

Another vortex of energy came into my heart and their work went deep and up into my high heart.  I could see the detail of what they were doing, but to me, it looked like creating a network of strings together inside of me. They eventually tied together whatever they did with my throat, my head and my heart together and started to pull another vortex thru me right between my throat and high heart area.  The more they pulled that energy together and started connecting it to an outer grid, my throat reacted by coughing and coughing.  I coughed so much I woke myself up…. dazed.

I realized I missed the rest of the days appointments, sent an email out to those I missed, and with the presence of those darn spaceships, went right back to sleep again.

I realized that the “Lisa” part of me was standing in the room witnessing a blob of energy on my couch that was me also.  I was looking from the outside and equally seeing from the inside at the same time.

It must have been in the last leg of my nearly 24 hour sleep that my body… our bodies were explained to me (us.)  For the most part, I already knew much of this, but I got to see its purpose thru all my biological issues since October.  Our physical bodies are a conscious participant in this evolution of ourselves.  When our bodies and minds are clear enough to trigger then next set of evolutionary light codes to turn on, it has one way of accommodating the energy, it appears to get “sick.”  It slows down, and does whatever it needs to do to assist.  Keeping in mind, the entirety of our physical bodies works because of the chemicals that are created within it.  So truly, our changes, our entire energy spectrum start and end at the chemical level inside the body.  Even the chemicals trigger body responses to accommodate the changes under way.

Our mucus membranes are very important players in this game of change.  It coats the electrical processes within the brain and heart area so we do not fry ourselves as the energy system gets higher.  Most people tend to want to stop the snot and phlegm (and most other discomforting symptoms needed) and sends a signal to the body to cease upgrades.  The cough reflex is put into place to activate and distribute various energies.  Sometimes, the change is so important to our ongoing process, the drugs that once worked to clear things up, don’t even touch it now.  Simply because it has nothing to do with being sick or allergies, it has everything to do with energy work deep within and actually protecting the body.

When I woke up (really late) yesterday, I felt so incredibly blessed to get to see first hand the intricate work that is happening with all of us.  I didn’t even feel the need to bitch (much) about the loss of three days work.  I started to write about it yesterday, then, at 9am, my internet went down and my computer went haywire.  I couldn’t even get my keyboard to type out any letters and since I didn’t save what I had written so far, rebooting was not an option.  I was grateful tho that all but one reading appointment called me.  Without internet, I have zero ability to make any calls, obviously no ability to send emails or nuttin.  We do not get any cell signal in my world, so we are totally dependent on the wifi signal.  Hours went by and my internet was still down, missing my last appointment for the day.  Dammit.

I drove to the gas station in the Pueblo where I can at least get a cell signal and called my lady and groveled.  The store said they had no internet problems.  So I decided to go to the store across the street from me, they didn’t have an internet problem either.  OK, now that is strange.  My internet has been off now for 5 hours.  Thank god I had a spare modem at my house, I decided to change out the modem itself, sure enough, it was my modem that died.  I had to smile as it seemed so incredibly fitting considering all I had been shown.  A new modem, a new mechanism for connecting to the world.  If that wasn’t enough, shortly after I hooked up my new modem, all the electricity went off for a few moments, causing a reboot to every electronic thing in my house when it came back on.

But yesterday was not ending without a grand finale.  As night took hold of the landscape, suddenly my motion sensor light on the front of my house went on and close to an hour later, was still on.  There was no wind happening to cause this, so I opened my front door to see what was happening.  With my own eyes I could see this swirling white, kind of smokey energy just out my front door.  I grabbed my cell phone camera and was amazed to see the full spectrum of light that it captured:


So I decided to go grab my orb catching digital camera and see if it will reveal more.  The first (and only) picture captured this shot.  Keep in mind, I was standing just inside the threshold of my front door pointing the camera at the energy that was about 2 feet in front of me and instead, I get this crazy beam of light energy:


I decided this morning to crop out the beam of light to get a closer look:

cropped light field

Now, going back to the point of this sharing… so many of us are reincarnating without the need to literally die.  Think about that for a long moment.  When we actually die, we go back to spirit, look at what we have done or not done, find an appropriate parental set (for DNA use) and start the encoding within the egg and sperm that will come together to create the body needed for our earth experience.  Well, we are reincarnating without the death part, so our bodies must change its energy system to house our new soul blueprints, codes of our next incarnation in the land of Eden.

Trust your processes fully.  Honor the body and all it desires.  It knows what needs to do, even if it feels like it is falling apart… cuz in its own way, it is.

Our abilities are (for some, will be) getting stronger, sharper and more prevalent day by day.  Keeping in mind, you are bringing in the most advanced parts of yourSelf in this new incarnation.

I also want to add, this “reincarnation” process started just after the Equinox of September 2013 and will complete itself (for those who have allowed the process to happen) the Spring equinox 2014… and a new beginning unfolds.

There is so much to share that was revealed in the readings yesterday, but that is another blog in and of itself.

Until tomorrow… enjoy your reincarnation process!!

(((HUGZ))) of golden energy to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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