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I keep getting such strong yet conflicting feelings recently concerning this missing Malaysian plane. While I am deeply saddened for the families of those missing aboard flight 370 and knowing their grief must be incapacitating from their roller coaster ride from grief to hope to fear and back again, I cannot dispel my suspicions that this situation could possibly be a humongous and very cruel distraction. I certainly hope not.  I sincerely hope that people around the world are paying close attention to their Governments and what is going on behind the scenes while the world is so conveniently wrapped up in this drama unfolding, not to mention the minute by minute coverage keeping everyone transfixed to what is happening. In other words, I just have to say, SOMETHING does not feel right about this, unfortunately I cannot clarify my feelings more as I am just as baffled as the next person is.

All I know is my gut refuses to ignore this feeling that something is way off about this whole story and I don’t seem to be alone in my feelings. I just hope we all stay alert and pay attention to what the left hand of Government is doing while the right hand performs the magic trick. I am astounded that all the news media would be so reckless in supplying the world with in-depth information on how transponders and Acars systems work, where they are located, how to turn them off, the abilities of the plane, how high it can fly safely, how low it can go, how to fly undetected etc. The news media has now given out valuable information to all terrorists worldwide on how to successfully hijack a plane not to mention our various capabilities of surveillance, in favor of ratings and keeping their audiences entertained. I find this just unforgivable.

Having said this, I want to ask all of my readers to please direct their love and deeply felt prayers to both the passengers enduring whatever they are going through, as well as their families who wait helplessly for any word on their well-being. This is an excellent time to practice coming together from the heart to make change in the world. These people need us to be there for them and they need our support and our love to help them through this very sad ordeal. We are now well aware of the power of prayer so lets use it! What has transpired is far more than a disaster to stay tuned to on TV for answers. This is our latest challenge to stay alert to what is going on around us and not be sucked in by drama. We are trying to be trained yet again to get lost in what is happening instead of remaining awake and aware of life going by so quickly. To be sucked into this drama is to be yet again made to abandon the ‘moment’ in favor of something way beyond our control. The ‘moment’ needs us to remain present and spending our time directing prayers and love to the people. That is far more productive than staying glued to televisions and tuning out everything else that begs our attention! Please open your hearts and send out your love. We are needed now…

Blessings to us all,

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