Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 17 March 2014

AishaNorthAs many of you have noticed, the energetic fluctuations you have been experiencing now can in many ways be likened to the pull from a riptide, a pull that will seem to be dragging you along at an ever increasing speed while it at the same time will serve to bring you seemingly ever further out to sea, into unknown territory. And what do we mean by that? Simply that you are all being submerged within brand new levels of frequencies, like different layers within a whole structure, and as they interact with your own personal magnetic field, it will start to have an effect unlike anything you have ever experienced before. For now you are not merely being subjected to a new set of frequential messages that will serve to upgrade your own system, no, this time, it is more akin to sitting in front of a whole orchestra of energetic players. And as each and every single component of this whole orchestra will affect you, the combined effect of them all “playing out the new tune” simultaneously will have far reaching effects not only on you, but on the whole planetary field that surrounds you and everyone else on this glittering, blue globe you inhabit.

For as we said, this time, it s not simply about you, but also about the Earth herself. And so, you are being brought into sync in a very new way and through a process that does not resemble anything you have ever experienced before. And so, the days and the nights may seem to be even more confusing, and your body may start to exhibit all sorts of distress signals. For it will at times have a hard time steering through all of these convoluted magnetics that are currently surging in and around you, and as everything in your body has literally been wired to run at the old set current of frequency, it will perhaps stall and sputter a little bit at first before it starts to realise that it has in fact been totally rewired already in order to prepare it for this massive switch.

For you are all already new in the sense of your setup being fully primed to take in these brand new layers of energetic empowerment, and as such, there is nothing in this process that will be of harm to you. Still, it is indeed apt to create chaos and confusion during the actual process of altering your current completely, and so, you have already been advised to take some time to just sit back and be within this brand new energetic environment. For it will take some time before you have all found your new bearings, and as such, do not think you are at a fault if you feel even more unlike yourself, or rather, unlike the one you have for so long defined as the “real you”.

For that version is a thing of the past, and so, you will need time to assimilate all of the new. And as this process of switching you over completely to the brand new regimen is very much an ongoing thing and will be so for quite a while, we will once again remind you that this will indeed be a period marked by rather intense bouts of chaos and seeming disruption, both on the inside and on the outside. For remember, what is happening now, is happening to your whole world and as such, there are many others out there sensing these brand new sets of coordinates being put into place. But as they, unlike you, have no idea just what this whole process is all about, they are apt to go into total chaos themselves. So yes, this will be a period that may be marked by some at time overwhelmingly powerful periods of disarray, but again, we want you all to keep in mind that this is not a signal of anything dark and sinister starting to resurface. This is simply the effects of the alternating current being switched off and the new, stable one being switched on, and as such, a lot of old flotsam will be churned up in its wake. Again, this is not a signal of doom and destruction, this is simply a sign of the restructuring that is happening because of the heightened light quotient affecting your entire energetic environment. And so, we will once again remind you all that all is well, and there is every reason to rejoice as you will literally once again feel it in your very bones that the light is pushing you all upwards and onwards towards attaining total freedom for you all. / link to original article

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