John Ward – George Osborne: As We Run Up To Budget Day, Is It Time To Seriously Question Whether This Man Is Fit To be In Government? – 17 March 2014

JohnWYou will doubtless remember all the dodging and weaving that went on after the tapered brown solids collided with the fan of consequences last month in relation to Somerset levels. Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Owen Paterson and Ed Miliband all kept their mouths shut about the various dubious roles played in creating the disaster by UKip’s abstention in Brussels, Tory MEPs voting in favour of the lunacy, Defra’s spineless acquiescence in the half-baked EU greenery, and New Labour’s 100% sign-up to bad science.

But as always, the Little Squeaky One – Draper Osborne – managed to maintain a safe distance from the thunderous turdery going on. This was a masterstroke on his part, as it was clear that at least some of the inaction involved in flood prevention was down to his austerity drivel. (I use the term drivel because, in the context of £460bn of our money being chucked at bank/bourse QE, his savings of £17bn net are as a piss in the Serpentine).

If Blair was Teflon Tony, then Osborne is Jelly-roll George: absolutely nothing of an unpleasant nature sticks to his persona.

Yet this is the man who overruled Cameron’s advisors in 2009, and insisted that the Tories must get Murdoch onside. This is the man who flunked his own success criteria as Chancellor by failing miserably to reduce either the trade deficit or the National Debt. The latter is, of course, still rising…as it was bound to.

George Osborne is also the trickster who insists we are in recovery, when all the data with which he has been unable to tamper insist we are doomed. He is the man who ditched the previous inflation index in favour of his own convenient invention. He is the man who was hail-fellow-well-met with RBS’s Stephen Hester…until even he realised the toxic baggage involved, and ruthlessly dispensed with his services at a moment’s notice. And as we’ve seen, he is the Chancellor who even the former Goldman executive Mark Carney at the BoE thinks is a charlatan.

Now he is the man hogging the limelight by insisting that building 15,000 houses on a ‘severe risk consequences’ Kent site at Ebbsfleet is an excellent idea…just one month after dodging any blame for the human disaster on Somerset Levels.

Today, I’ve been given the runaround and fed bollocks by the press offices of all those involved in the ridiculous Ebbsfleet project. I’m am, shall we say, less than convinced.

Tomorrow, The Slog will be revealing more about what 11 Downing Street (and No 10 for that matter) are up to in terms of an iron control over any resistance in its path of obedience to the construction industry’s naked greed. For the bill must be paid: they contributed £3.5m to the Tories’ 2010 Election Campaign. And he who pays the piper calls the tune. John F Kennedy forgot that golden rule in relation to the Mob, the 1960 Election Chicago count, and the Mobster connections of his father. He ignored the ‘favour’ owed to the Mafia…and paid for that crime by getting his head blown off in Dallas.

What we are witnessing in 2014 Britannia is a silent coup on many levels. When Cameron is ditched by the neolib nutters, Osborne fully expects he will be the man with a foot in all Conservative camps. At that point, anyone and everything in the way of his globalist banking masters will be powerless. The devious Goves, Hunts, Fallons and other assorted fanatics will be running the show. All those in the police, media and civil service who stand up to them will sidelined: the rest will be politicised.

Dismiss this as bonkers conspiracy bollocks if you will. But all of it – the corruption of the Met, the barely hidden absolute power of Murdoch, the sponsored sell-off of education, the rigging of key financial markets, the assault on the BBC, and the planned bankruptcy of the NHS…all this and more is of a piece.

Stay tuned for further revelations tomorrow regarding Ebbsfleet. This story will run and run.

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