Lucas – A Malaysian Flight Goes Wild – 17 March 2014

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By Pechristener

The speculative information and theories about the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 is getting very worrisome. If people for some reason get pulling a favorite theory to be the truth with some very nasty implications it seems there is something else going on…  I warned about this all being a distraction. Do not get me wrong if the theory of the aircraft landing somewhere is right with or without hijackers maybe even “aliens” taking the aircraft on their large ships for what it is worth… I would be the first to applaud the people on board all being alive. Iran was already tried to put into the spotlight for this with alleged terrorists on board  as that story later became obsolete as they were announced to be refugees with false passports. Pakistan fits more the alleged flight route and the belief the plane has after disappearing from radar still flown about 3000 miles. It does not add up with the midair explosion that also was said to be witnessed in other reports and articles.

Though it is obviously now getting grimmer as certain factions are now implicating it was a hijack and by most likely some Al Qaeda factions from Pakistan and the plane must have landed there.  This is not proven but hyped and is a very dangerous assumption sold as truth in the making. All this is fitting again nicely to give the USA or cabal stooges a reason to just get starting an intervention somewhere again with huge problems and probably war attached to that…. The smell of pointing again at terrorists is nasty…. like 9-11, that was by the way an inside government job, it is not only the easy way but fits nicely into the scenario´s that are laid out again. All is now called terrorism and therefore it can be used to put you out of business, or you been taken out or some innocent people´s lives ruined by drones and bombs, with insurgents and other black-ops and even worse.

Pakistan is a very dangerous fuse that makes a bomb go of easily. Pakistan is also a country  that has nuclear weapons. It begins to look very much like we are led into this false flag story and maybe that plain without passengers or with them landed somewhere…. maybe even in Pakistan…It all could be… fitting the picture nicely…. I ask myself now when there will be faked or even real evidence popping up from Pakistan or witnesses that will declare the plane had landed….

This is a very explosive speculative story that just could be enough if it might become the wanted truth to do some evil stuff. Are the cabal working on that story to become The Truth…. or was it all just a set up ir diversion for something else… It is all possible but I just warn about the implications of what some media and so-called alternative media are boosting out to be the prevalent truth… without a shred of evidence yet that without any doubt proofs all. We have seen too much already in all those false flag events in the past so be warned…and discern and be reading between the lines.

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