DutchNews – Trade Mission To Russia To Go Ahead For The Time Being: Rutte – 19 March 2014

dutchnews-logo(Lucas : the USA and EU are backing down with little or no real sanctions as the reality gets to them of  a real confrontation. The Dutch show that they need the money from trade and even go during the imposed sanctions to Russia. It is all part of the lions that roared but where just cats that are miauing. The hidden agenda is also for NATO and USA to get more military power by more budget…. which people will likely see through…. We will see diplomacy and the Crimea will be Russia’s as it was before it got given to the Ukraine. There is too much too loose for EU and USA, so we have still a lot of rhetoric that will die down.)
The trade mission to Russia planned for May should not be cancelled for the time being, prime minister Mark Rutte told a tv news programme on Monday evening.

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