Laura Bruno – Sarah Shah – Reclaimed Garden – 19 March 2014

laura-of-the-rocksHere’s a fun, thrifty video for anyone interested in repurposing materials and creating eco-friendly landscaping on the cheap. I’ve had another of those synchronous garden moments in which I put out a call for old concrete slabs to line garden beds like I did in Madison:

Reclaimed concrete edging in our Madison side garden (with newly planted GrowSoxx)

Reclaimed concrete edging in our Madison side garden (with newly planted GrowSoxx)

Just as in Madison, our next door neighbors smashed up their old concrete and left huge, unsightly piles by the curb. Thankfully, this time I have a wheelbarrow! It’s still hard work, but our mulched out front yard beds are beginning to take on an organic shape.

Without any plants yet, the beds look quite grim, so I started searching for the best plants to soften rocky edges. I think lavender and nasturtiums will look nice spilling over the edges, and some colorful creeping thyme can line the edge by the driveway. My search produced the inspiring video below. I thought I’d share here for anyone who’d like to have a garden but believes it would be cost prohibitive. If you don’t want to buy plants, you can cheaply grow them from seed. Begin asking around, too. Last year, I hit the mother lode of free plants on, and Sarah mentions as a great source of free plants:

I will probably need to rearrange some of our concrete slabs after tomorrow’s rain shows me what they look like without the dirt. David also doesn’t want tough edging against the grass or sidewalk, which means I need to find some sort of grass repellant, yet pretty border for the lawn areas. I’m sure some solution will present itself. In the meantime, it feels sooooo good to work outside again!

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