Laura Bruno – Happy Spring! – 20 March 2014

Pink geranium

Happy Vernal Equinox 2014! It’s a sunny day here in Goshen, Indiana, perfect for planting some cold hardy spring greens in the cold frame. I’ve given myself a mini-vacation this week, finally doing a 3-Day Cleanse, which just happens to finish today. I’ve meant to do the cleanse since January 1, but I haven’t had the right window of zero obligations beyond my own scheduling. This week presented itself and once I started, I realized the perfect timing. Spring cleanse and spring cleaning!

In what may have been the gardening equivalent of grocery shopping before dinner, I spent the past two days plotting our various gardens with a newly “hired” garden faery muse. She’s really switched up my plans for the yard, but I love all the new directions, as well as the extreme variety of crops and flowers we’ll have. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is my new favorite seed company. In rereading parts of Gaia’s Garden for the third or fourth time — but for the first time I have a cold frame and already prepared and highly varied planting spots — I realized we could get some major polycultures going here with the right combo’s of seeds. I love these old varieties, most of which offer detailed customer reviews about flavor, performance and appearance.

As a perfect spring present to myself (and Goshen, since I’ll be demo-ing it to our community), I also learned that my just-ordered Garden Tower shipped out today! I’m so excited to grow fifty plants in four square feet of space. We don’t need the extra ground space, but I talked to three of the guys at The Garden Tower Project (Colin, Joel and Tom), and I just love their enthusiasm and vision. They designed the Garden Towers after visiting Will Allen‘s Growing Power. The towers include a built-in vermicomposter (for worm castings) and use only eight cubic feet of soil to grow all those plants. I see so many possibilities for communities looking to provide winter food security in solar-panel- or wood-stove-heated greenhouses. I am not an affiliate or anything like that; I just feel called to model what’s possible for those with limited growing space.

Garden Tower partner Colin is the son of Ann Kreilkamp (, who synchronously just posted about the Garden Tower she brought down to her family in Louisiana. Click here to share more spring gardening joy!

Cheers and a Happy Birthday to my nephew, Anthony and my Schizandra and the Gates of Mu character, Haru (Japanese for “spring”). / link to original article


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