Lisa Gawlas – Unleashing The Equinox Energy Thru Our Emotional Paintbrush Of Creation – 21 March 2014

lisagawlas2Happy gigantic energy to everyone… I mean equinox, same thing!!  Over the last two days of connections, a lot has come into my understanding, more than I even realized.  Can I just say, your attitude is everything.  That almost seems like a no brainer to even say, but yet, it needs to be said, and more importantly, it needs to be felt by all of us and a reminder sent deep into our hearts every moment of every day.

I realized so much yesterday about myself, of course, thru a divine mirror upon my heart and the field in which I read from.  Being content in your life can also equal complacency.  With complacency, the energy of creation itself, builds up around you, but goes no where because you have no direction for it.  I love my life, I love my home, where I live, how I live and most of all, I love what I do, who I do it for (You) and thrive in being able to expand what we do every day.

With my divine mirror yesterday, her magnetic pole of energy, the release valve of creation called the equinox, all her energy was not streaming outwards like most everyone else that I had connected to, instead, it was all bunched up and pure white from the top of her magnetic pole to the close to the ground.  She was at the ground level, on the right side (emotional side) just walking around and around and around, she never stopped walking around, but also, ever put any new energy into the left side of her field, her physical life side, simply because she was so happy in where her life brought her to, now.  Me too!!  And because of that, we walk around in the joy that our life is and even allow for the expanding of what we already have, but do not really open the door for anything new.

Now here comes the tricky part, something spirit has been saying over and over again all this year… allow for the things you cannot fathom.  It almost seems impossible to work the energy towards something you cannot even fathom, and yet, it is exactly what we must do.  Stretching those spiritual muscles of ours.  Using our pure potential to invite experiences into our lives that will just blow our human minds (in a good way.)

On the other side of contentment, something else was revealed as well.  This revelation took me close to three days to fully understand.  On the 19th, the day before the equinox, my first two people on the field showed up the same way, a super large red X directly over the magnetic pole I see as the equinox energy.  I had assumed (I should know better than to assume anything) it was the field showing us that we are not getting anything that day… but my last two people of the day was very different and very revealing.

My first man with the X over the magnetic flow of energy was not in a happy mood, he actually told me over and over again how angry he was feeling.  Things have not gone, at all, in the ways he had hoped or expected (I think we all know that place well) and he was just a bit over it.  He and I talked for about a half an hour and the red X never moved, nor did any energy flow from the magnetic pole of the equinox.  Again, I just assumed it meant we were not able to anything this day.

My second appointment, someone brand new, had the same X over her magnetic pole of energy.  I didn’t even get to explore her any further, she asked for a refund and we went on our separate ways.

My next two appointments showed me there was so much more to the placement of these red X’s than I realized, because both my ladies started to show up long before our appointment time., so much so, I didn’t even realize the image I was getting was actually for my third lady (Jean, this is you… smile.)   I was really pondering the equinox energy and why, the day before its huge release would any of the energy cease to flow, it has been flowing since last year!!

In my pondering and thinking about my next appointment, this super large mirror showed up on the other side of the equinox pole.  There was so much light reflecting off of this mirror and an image that, altho flooded with light itself, I recognized.  Some years ago, when I was getting downloads about Shambhala, I did a web search and found this piece of art reflecting the city of shambhala that has just stayed in my mind’s eye:

link to picture

In the center of the light flooded mirror was the center image of the city itself.  When I connected to my lady I had blindly told her we were only getting X’s this day, without even trying to read for her (my bad) and then told her about this mirror image.  She actually got excited and told me she had an antique mirror that was her moms that was round, just like what I had seen, and she was wondering what to do with it and where to place it…. and even wondered if the two were connected.  Silly me missed this connection completely.  But only until my next lady on my schedule.

Her imagery started pouring into my field of vision an hour before our appointment and I knew it was for her.  A stream of seed energy coming in from directly above this side of the equinox pole, it looked more like rain, but I know seed energy when I connect to it.  The seeds were all fertilized as I seen them with tiny movements of red and blue inside.  When our appointment came around, I actually did connect to her and this image was brought right back and moved into that wormhole just above the equinox pole.  Life ready to explode into her new reality!

Now I really had to ponder the red X directly above the magnetic pole of energy, something so big it actually stopped the flow of creational energy into the landscape I call Eden.  It is really only this morning do I fully understand it all.

If we can literally think of this new landscape I call Eden or even Shambhala, Heaven on earth… on the other side of the veil lives the pureness of love.  Love dividing itself into other emotions would feel like joy, grace, humbleness, gratitude, servitude, desire, and so on.  This space of pure love, pure life creating… cannot sustain anything less than pure love.  Things like worry, expectations, anger, demands.  I don’t think any of us fully realize how quickly the flow of energy ceases when we get out of alignment with our true Self, that part of us that is Spirit.

I am going to close this sharing (my day is already well underway, darn time change!!) with my first connection of yesterday, I feel, it really shows us the greater potential, of what we have gotten ourselves into now.

Her reading opened up with a vibrant green landscape, gentle rolling hills stretching out into our perceived future.  She was this tiny little thing, maybe an inch or two big, very cartoon looking, joyfully playing with others on the green grass.  Her entire scene was connected to the magnetic pole of the equinox, but located about 5 feet above the actual ground.  What we came to understand was that the image of the landscape was her pure potential, unobstructed by anything.  Her emotions directed within a desire will create all her heart desires.   Even her imagery feeling very cartoon like had an amazing purpose… think about cartoons, their very creation is limitless.  They can do and be anything the artist desires.  She (we) are the artist and the painting all at once.  But just like the artist, if you are not moving the paint brush, well…

For myself, I am going to dip my brush into the paint well of excited joy and am going to create a landing pad for my Pleiadian friends to come have a visit, literally.  Moving myself out of complacency and into the new, unfathomable reality of having my star family out of meditation and into my physical world of Love!!

There is soooo much more to share, but, as usual, that’s tomorrows agenda!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the brightest of colors joining together our greatest realities!!

I love you!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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