Lucas – Viewing Things To Come – Closing Curtains – 23 March 2014

By KDS444

Time is slipping away fast for those that still are or want to be in the time induced society and communities built upon the old structures that still want to veil you from seeing.  It is the matrix that still wants to attach to you if you allow it. The center of all is within and it is in total harmony and peace when nothing is spinning of the charts in extreme polarities.

The road we all travel individually. It is up to us all to see we are kept by that what is telling you to see yourself as needing to be part of something to make something happen or change your reality. It is the biggest lie of all to be kept out of your own power. We are the ones that came here to make change happen in our lives and the planet. As all is interconnected you will be contributing in  making the change happen also outside of you.

Even those thought to be awakened get to sleep again in following the tantrums of love and peace only found in a certain community, group, country, project… It does not matter you need only to follow YOU.  It is your inner knowing and connection to source that will lead you and nothing else. Know as empowered creational being to be creating for all and with all if needed to make sure all needs for all are met.

There is no self-interest modus or group derived we are the ones modus.  There is only you together with all other you’s surrounding you and working with you, so to say. In many ways certain beliefs, doing it a certain way or holding onto the old will face a turning point. It is going with the flow and what is best for all humanity not some or group or what and whomever.

We are here now to explore the new ways. Some incentives are already given and some tried already to build something but is not quite new. We have to see there is still a transition taking place in the moment of now towards a totally new way of doing things. The old has shot it self in the foot to many times to be able to push their agendas and will upon humanity.

Even though al lot of  well  intended people are working on certain things for humanity but still there is a lot of tainted intent  and hypocrisy going on. In fighting to get their way to be the prevalent they will be undermining their own intent.  All is in this process working towards the same goal, even perceived bad. All extremes of good and bad will find their balance or be forced out.

Transparency will come to be if we all are finding the center within. Things that were and have been or will be are not important anymore as only NOW is.  It will be clear that from  that new center space all will derive. It is the peace point so to say.  It is for some felt as a void or nothingness. It is though the point all originates from. In finding our own centers we will find the unity as that is derived from all finding our center within.

Keep you heads cool as there will be multiple new ways of doing things pop up. Everyone will be heard so there is no 1% against the 99% nor 99% against the 1%.  It is about all of us finding together, reconcile and make happen for all. Things will come in unexpected ways as that is what will be. There is not ONE way. There are multiple. There is not One against the Other anymore. We will see our creational force within and grow in our new ways.

Transition means slowly shifting things into a new way of doing things. That was is needed most will be in service to all come to be. The wounds  of the past will be closed and the thoughts of a future derived upon our old will fade. It will be new  and common sense, practicality  and making it happen for all will be key. The balance between spirituality and reality of the now will come.

All you are beings that came here upon this earth to make the change happen not to fly off or get out of balance. So extreme tales of all you need to tell yourself all is love is denying the fact that you first need to be balancing all parts of you.  If that is not done you’re not balanced. The more you tell fairy tales being in extreme good or bad you will be shaken up.

The world as planet and us as it inhabitants  are at this moment letting go of the old with some heavy stuff on personal levels and in the bigger picture played out.  A lot of good things happen already in free-energy, people wanting to make their lives self-sufficient in doing things also in not harmful ways to others and the planet, people are making new exchange structures and temporary transitional structures readied for all.

You still can see the extremes, good or bad, wherever you want to perceive or see them.  It is up to you to see the bigger picture and see that all will lead to the inevitable center. The conclusion to all is near as the process is finding is sequences faster and faster. It is the glorious new that is dawning and will emerge like the phoenix from the ashes arises.

Change is happening now. The clouds will soon be gone and the light will shine bright upon all.  A New World will be and its beauty derives from all that made it happen. It is the marvelous new you will embrace and see.

Love and Light,


Love and Light,


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