Laura Bruno – Building Resilience – 25 March 2014


Good tips for sheet mulching and building nutrients in soil….

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage:

Soil is being depleted at a rate never before encountered on Mother Earth.

Plants can only upload minerals from the soil and if they are absent from the soil, then the plants, that make up our fruit and vegetables will be nutritionally deficient! About 10% of the land on the planet feeds the entire population.
A 1992 Earth Summit Report stated that American soils, for example, are now 85% depleted of the essential minerals and elements conducive to growing healthy fruit and vegetables. Considering the fact that this report was published over twenty years ago, the soil would  now be considered to be useless in terms of growing healthy food. That leaves many people in a state of undernourishment. I
I suggest you look into this for yourselves, to understand the full extent of nutritional depletion in the food we buy. Type the words : soil depletion, into your search engine and YouTube,…

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