Lucas – The EU’s Assembly Of Regional And Local Representatives – 25 March 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe EU’s Assembly of Regional and Local Representatives

The Mission Statement of this already 20-year-old body of the EU. to PDF

The above mentioned Assembly  is nothing else than just part of the regionalization of  the EU and also parallel enrolled UN Agenda 21.

I have been talking about the regional cutting EU into manageable pieces by invoking independence or helping certain regions to become stronger than others. It is that why the regionalization or even regionalization into conglomerates over borders is encouraged.  It suits purpose in strengthening EU rule and also policies onto people in communal/regional level.

It makes it easier so to say to control  the state by having control on sub-levels and eventually on all levels of smaller independent states or regions that get self-governing within EU rule.

All in the name of better economic and social policy of course for the better of human kind… right. It is to all to divide and conquer.

The EU has already shown not to be a democratic body nor to be a by the people of its member countries voted for supranational body that is now  rapidly via enforced upon us treaties and austerity rules into a EU state like Charlemagne had over 1000 years ago.  It will be a feudal system embodied in a Big Europe that controls all. The control is power of a few that have corporate and financial control over everything even the corporatized human called person.

It is  clear people need to see things for what they are… This scenario called EU has been rolled out long ago with as start using treaties to get certain things instated and in place to make it into something people never wanted it to be. A fascist inhumane ruled corporate Empire of corporatism and rulers over humanity on all levels seeing them as slaves for their economic scams and benefits only.

Get awake.

Love and Light,


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