Sophia Love – March 25th Update – 25 March 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

I will also answer on two questions, from Good Friends!

“Thank you GE and Sophia! With the Pleidians and other benevolent “ETs”, is it true our planet earth is surrounded by ships and that we are under watchful eyes to what will transpire here? Forgive me if this was asked or answered before. As well, I just saw this today and would like your thoughts on the historical data that was given:”

No need to forgive yourself Good Friend! I’m for my instance am ready to support and aid Everyone! Whenever someone don’t understands something I’m ready to give some understanding on the subject.

This Planet is surrounded by ships of different civilizations and different sorts and different technological level. These ships in the meantime are surrounded by Forces of One ships. So overall there are thousands of ships, of different size and role. If necessary this number can be increased to billions in mere seconds. Forces of One have such resources.

There is one very big (size more than this planet) interstellar spherical ship, which is counted like planet on it’s own. They are protecting this World and Humanity and waiting when the time for “first contact” and “Ascension” will be right. The Cobra’s explanation of history is up for You to decide whether it is true or false. Your own discernment is most important as for all of my messages! We know different history and we also know that Cobra is not being told everything unfortunately.

“In light of the remarks of GE; that some ET visitors may not have our best interests at heart, are there going to be mentors among the visitors that will protect us from our trusting naiv’ete from exploiters or do we accumulate some lumps as a lesson and use our discernment to minimize these?”

The best way is always to listen to Your Higher Inner Self and be connected with One through Sun. This way Your thoughts are always correct. Being dependent on someone to save or mentor You was always not the best solution to many problems. Many abused this naive behavior of Humanity and used this for their own gains.

For example evangelical christians and muslims were dependent on salvation for the last 2000 cycles and many many died without this coming true.. Illuminati order like when People believe so blindly. People can be used and abused much easily in such situation. But when You are not dependent on such things/thoughts You may able to do much more as Your hidden potential can surpass even Your most wildest dreams:)

This is something religions were removing from teachings and this is one thing that illuminati are afraid of most. When Humanity will realize that it can do much more than what we are told We are capable to do, then Humanity will realize that illuminati are the same as All the rest. They are afraid of Humanity realizing it, realizing that all is One and equal.
So good advice is to always listen to Your Higher Inner Self! This is where One, Creator of All resides.

Also great job Good Friend Djon! I’m happy that You understood what the principle of this technology is!

To increase the pace of arrival of Moment of Justice You can help this World by spreading knowledge about ET’s presence and knowledge about magnetic, water, air, heat, solar energy technologies!

Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity! / link to original article


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