Wes Annac – Spiritual Guidance: Disseminating The ‘Sacred Texts’ – 25 March 2014

wes-annac-300x229Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

As our scribe has been wondering, it’s indeed true that the channeled material of your day will be instrumental in helping humanity understand spirit. The messages we bring through aren’t always given the most positive attention, but in time, your entire planet will be able to understand the help we seek to offer through the willing scribes we speak through.

Channels for our energy are growing every day, and we encourage all of you to open up to the guidance your higher self is providing you daily.

In every moment, your higher self and guides graciously await you to pick up on their energies and impressions, and we very much enjoy being able to connect with willing hosts and bring through the teachings we intend for humanity to fully understand.

Allow yourselves to surrender to the flow of divine love you’re being given from an increasing number of higher-dimensional souls who are actively interested in the restoration of your planet, because you’ve only begun to feel our energies and impressions in the immense ways you have the ability to.


We encourage all of you to act on your abilities to be channels for the energy and guidance of your higher selves, and we happily await your realization of our constant presence around you. The higher self is not only the result of the individual Godspark’s experiences on the earth plane, but the experiences of every individual fragment that makes up the oversoul.

Sacred Reintegration

You’re undergoing a process of reintegration with every facet of your sacred selves who are also ready to re-find the higher dimensions and merge with their oversoul, and we encourage you to go with the flow when feelings or emotions arise that seem strange or unfamiliar.

Not only are you reconnecting with your fellow sacred sparks who exist in their own realms and timelines – you’re also lightly experiencing important karma from many accumulated past lives. This karma is coming up in the form of strange and uneasy emotions that don’t seem to belong to the seeker possessing them, and when you feel this, we recommend seeking solace in the open heart space.

The love of your existence will help you soar in more endeavors than one, and opening the mind and heart is key to moving beyond the difficult and disconcerting experiences that could easily fog your perception of your everlasting divinity.

Even though our scribe seeks only to connect with me (his higher self) and a select few guides, humanity possesses an infinite ability to connect with a wide range of souls who’ll lovingly offer our perspective on every aspect of your unfolding ascension process.

You’re evolving from the distorted perception of the third dimension to a slightly less distorted fifth-dimensional perception, and only when re-reaching Source in all of its purity and infinity will you transcend density altogether.

Every realm up to the realm of complete unification with Source is distorted in its own right, but you’re departing the harsh density of the third dimension and making your way back to the blissful realms of the fourth and fifth.

We’re confident that some seekers will choose to stay and learn lessons in the fourth dimension before proceeding to the fifth – if, for no other reason, then because many of you will want to slowly enjoy your ascent back up to the higher realms.

Some of you will want to experience all of the beauty the higher fourth-dimensional realms have to offer, and some of you will stay there for a time to help root out and transmute the negative energy of the lower fourth-dimensional realms that’s fed all forms of evil on your planet.

The realms of ‘fourth density-negative’ as it’s been called are hellish by your definition, whereas the higher fourth-dimensional realms and beyond are comprised of many of the heavenly qualities your religions have taught you about.

Helping Others Find the Light

Even though it’s difficult, a soul can progress from fourth density-negative to the refined fourth-dimensional planes and excel from there, and for this reason, many souls will plunge down into the negative realms to help anyone and everyone they can.

The drive to assist every lower-dimensional soul in finding enlightenment is at the forefront of the minds of most earthly seekers and higher-dimensional souls alike, and those of you who are on the earth to help awaken its people are playing the hardest and most front-and-center roles.

You’re providing a direct link for the energies and impressions of the higher dimensions simply by existing on the earth, and those of you who choose to take it a step further by working actively for the earth’s ascension are accelerating your growth and making it much, much easier for others to evolve.

An essential aspect of the evolution of many seekers, even those who don’t yet realize it, will be their discovery of the reality of spirit communication. The fact that every human and etheric body can be and is a receiver of higher-dimensional energy will be understood, and we can foresee many people on your planet flocking to channeled messages.

From there, a collective sense of discernment will arise concerning messages that could be seen as less pure, and when this happens, we won’t be able to stress the importance of openness, love, and acceptance enough.

Many channels who are just starting out initially deal with distorted messages and messages that are somewhat tainted by the ego, and if given love, support, and encouragement, the most ambitious among them can absolutely develop their talents and bring through wonderfully pure and aligned information.

We encourage discernment, but we also encourage support and respect for one’s fellow man.

A flower can’t grow if it’s stamped out, and an ability can’t be developed if the developer is discouraged by those around them. When the popularity of spiritual communication rises and the number of channelers spikes, we encourage absolute discernment and encouragement of any soul who wants to develop the ability but has initial trouble.

The discernment we speak of is more in the avenue of purposeful disinformation that’s put out either to mock the unfolding new age movement or misinform seekers who are tasked with sifting the negative from the positive and aligned.

We confidently foresee channels increasing more than they already have, and likewise, a new generation of spiritually inclined writers will be born who’ll be led to start talking and writing about the ‘sacred texts’ as our scribe has referred to them, of your day.

A Revolution of Spiritual Inspiration

We can foresee a revolution of spiritual inspiration being sparked by the pioneers who are just beginning to present channeled information to the public, and even though channeled messages seem like silly, fantastical writings with little genuine value to the souls who don’t yet resonate with them, they’ll be understood as far, far more than this in your future.

Of course, any ‘prediction’ we could give about your future is dependent entirely on the things you do to bring it about, and if channels and spiritual writers alike were to suddenly halt their efforts, you could very well enter a different timeline.

We don’t foresee this happening, however, so we’re comfortable with our assertion that the efforts you’re making will enable the future we speak of.

As with anything that has to do with your future, your effort is integral to bringing this about. We’re very confident in the increasing popularity of channels, and it’s something your cabal has been monitoring more heavily than even the most suspecting seekers might realize.

The messages being brought through are coming primarily from the light, and any seeker who knows a thing or two about the earthly cabal will know that they strongly orient to secretive darkness. As such, they perceive the messages coming through as the polar opposite of their belief systems and philosophies, and therefore an enemy to study and, in their hopes, bring down.

This obviously won’t be allowed to happen because of the amount of positive energy in your collective consciousness that’s geared toward the expansion that’s soon to take place, but nevertheless, your cabal is very interested in stopping the inevitable spread of our communications.

They’re very aware of how easily revolutions around certain concepts or ideas can start, and we foresee a revolution much larger than most seekers probably expect. Despite the fact that most of our communications aren’t taken seriously by even a broad percentage of the conscious public, knowledge about their validity will spread like wildfire as your collective perception rises.

As long as you continue your efforts, precious seekers, the spread of awareness surrounding various subjects that are integral to your evolution will be as inevitable as the evolution itself, which is ongoing and continually affecting your minds and hearts.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with love and support for your flowering abilities and your increasing awareness of the reality of your existence. Source is looking upon each of you with more love than we can possibly express or even fathom ourselves, and you can fill your tiny little vessels with this all-pervasive, infinite love with a single thought.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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