AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Contactee Series: Anchoring The Universal – Tim Hicks And EM Meyer – 26 March 2014

eileenmeyerOn March 20, 2014, Eileen and Tim talked about what it’s like to stay true to the Universal Identity after having directly experienced the activation and practice of a Universal Heart-network consciousness. It’s actually incredibly empowering and magical… until we get bombarded again with the daily “suggestion” of limiting, collective beliefs of friends, family, and media on a daily basis. It’s why we continue to communicate with each other – to continue to strengthen and anchor this Universal Heart on Earth. It’s time now. To listen, please click on the photo below.

Specific topics explored: The scripted world stage – Tim’s now-sensing about what will unfold with the conflict between US, Russia and China in the coming weeks *** Eileen talks about also bringing it back to the individual-heart level and recognizing the power of the choices made at this focused yet powerful place. There is less time and energy now to “dance between two worlds”. Choosing what we prefer now *** How we are dealing with money and value issues between Universal and 3D world beliefs *** Strength, resolve, courage and trust is immense. Not only are we, the numerous frontrunners, passing on spiritual inspirations, some of us are also out there in the world, testing and pushing on the conditioned boundaries while maintaining the embodiment of Universal Love. Human Beings are the point of power, waking up and creating it as we go *** The shift is when the given and past-accepted insanity is completely at odds with the growing truth in our hearts – where we naturally shift into what is Universal and True – not in image, but in actuality *** Does the transition need to be traumatic and frightening? Both Tim and I sense that there are enough opening hearts that we will bypass the horror stories projected into the future from the past 3D existence *** Eileen’s Universal Heart Network has been informing her for years about humanity’s shift in consciousness at this timing. There are far more humans aware and anchoring the new frequencies than we realize. We simply need to talk with each other and share and demonstrate what we know *** What “coming out” has been like with our families and friends. That shifting place where we can no longer lie about what we see and know to be true – based on the love and wisdom from heart intelligence *** How the high-frequency contact affected, informed, and changed us on a direct, experiential level. How is it explained in words? Tim suggest that perhaps it’s like trying to explain an orgasm. Good luck with that! Music by Eileen Meyer “All of Creation“. Click HERE if you’d like to listen to my initial Coming Out as a Contactee talk with Tim.


“Click” for Conversation with Tim Hicks and EM Meyer

Please consider making a one-time or a recurring-monthly PayPal donation in support of this growing work. I want to keep up with the costs for websites and internet, as well as eat – not only for myself, but others in this growing community who are on the front lines of change. Thank you. I am also accessing this Universal-Heart Network for private sessions. The feedback that I am receiving on these sessions is highly validating and encouraging. I can claim this, because it’s not just about me… it’s a Group Consciousness that I access through the cosmic heart. They showed me over my lifetime how to do this, and I/WE have begun to access and share these gifts and abilities. The group intent is to share with you – who YOU are, and if you choose to stay, who you came here to BE and DO. It took me years to fully accept the power of this work. I AM here now, “coming out”, and fully committed to helping individuals make this benevolent transition into Humanity’s True Operating System ~ EM / link to original article


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