Wes Annac – Discernment In A Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 1/3 – 26 March 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

In this time of heightened awareness, we’re encouraged to use discernment with everything we learn. We’re being inundated with information from the higher dimensions about spirit, our evolution, and the fall of the planetary elite, and it goes without saying that there are forces out there who are bent on using disinformation to cause confusion.

The planetary elite attempt to misinform the awakening humanity in myriad ways, and this is why we’re encouraged to be discerning. Only we can truly determine what helps us along our journey, and if something resonates in our heart of hearts, we can discern it as genuinely helpful.

What works for one might not work for another, and ultimately, we’re the only ones who can decide what resonates with us and what doesn’t. As long as we make it a point not to accept anything we’re given at face value, we’ll benefit from the genuine spiritual information that’s intended to help us learn and grow.


Discernment is a very simple thing, and we need only to use the open heart space to determine what works best for us and our growth. With the gift of discernment, our endless drive to understand the truth will lead us to the right tools that’ll teach us everything we’re meant to learn.

Here, I’d like to draw on what’s been said from our channeled sources about the importance of discernment when reading or absorbing anything. Our guides have discussed a lot of important subjects with us, and discernment is obviously important enough for them to speak about.

Especially when it comes to channeled material, we’re encouraged to question the insights we’re given before we automatically accept them. Our guides, who encourage discernment, wouldn’t want us to follow their messages without questioning the insights they contain.

First, Archangel Metatron through channel Natalie Glasson tells us about the discernment-raising effect seeking truth has on us.

“Seeking truth can ask you to question yourself, your beliefs and your understanding. Seeking truth asks you to be discerning and to clear yourself of false beliefs while raising your energy vibration so that you are open and awake to new inspirations and insights that fill you with love and amazement.

“Seeking truth asks you to familiarise yourself with your own energies and your thought processes so that you may pin point from where within your being your truth is unfolding.” (1)

When we start seeking truth, we act on the inner-drive to learn things we would’ve previously scoffed at. We’re encouraged to keep our minds and hearts open when we learn anything new, but we’re also encouraged to filter the truth from the unhelpful misinformation.

Again, what seems like misinformation to one seeker might be very helpful to another, because we’re blessed with the gift of individual discernment. Certain information doesn’t have to resonate with you for it to resonate with someone else, and in time, all of humanity will learn the importance of respecting each other’s interpretations of the truth.

Don’t get me wrong – there is all-out disinformation out there, the only aim of which is to confuse and twist things around, and for this reason, we should be vigilant. However, I think there are far more genuine sources of spiritual and alternative news than sources that aim to deceive. We’ve come a long way, even if we don’t realize it.

We’re then told about the ego-driven mechanisms that can cloud our perspective when we initially become aware.

“If when you access your truth or inspiration within you the ego activates and egotistical reactions occur then you know that you have not yet stimulated your inner truth.

“Egotistical reactions can be the feeling of wishing to prove another wrong, manipulation, your power being enhanced while taking away the power of others. Even sadness, negativity, lack, bullying, judgement and fear are aspects of the ego which can cloud the truth or divine inspiration from unfolding within your being.” (2)

The ego will try very hard to stop us from becoming aware, but we can see beyond its programming and into the light of a much less distorted perception as we discern its lower emotions from the progressive ones that’ll lead us onward.

Emotions can either work for or against our development. If we let it, the ego will use negative emotions to keep us trapped in the lower state of consciousness that helps it thrive, but we can transcend lower emotion in the name of the higher emotion we have the opportunity to feel.

As we’re told below, our growing awareness will help us discern when we’re feeding into a negative state of consciousness.

“The more that you become familiar with the way that you act and react in your daily life the more you will notice when you are speaking, thinking or feeling an illusion and when the truth is emerging from within your being. You may see that seeking to realise your own inner truth which could also be described as your intuition or the voice of the Creator is a powerful process of learning and growth.” (3)

It’s a powerful process indeed, and from what I’ve experienced so far, it seems like one that ferociously wakes us up out of our deeply rooted slumbers. We become aware of everything we do, think and say from a higher perspective, and we’re very easily able to tell when we aren’t feeding into the higher state of consciousness we want to experience.

Heart-centered discernment doesn’t just help us confirm the validity of the things we learn – it also helps us understand when we aren’t living up to our potential.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.


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