John Ward – Breaking: Greece To Get New €8.5 Bn Euro Aid Tranche To Avoid May Default – 27 March 2014

JohnWUS Embassy sources in Athens confirmed to The Slog tonight that a new sum around €8-8.5bn will be handed over to the Greek Government in the next five weeks to enable it to avoid the May 21st default exclusively predicted here on January 17th this year.

I have no more detail beyond this, and so will stick to these four pertinent observations:

1. Cyprus was raped by the EC last year because of a debt sum just €3.5bn larger than this one.

2. Cyprus got into that situation by showing loyalty to its Greek compatriots being financially repressed by the Troika.

3. The news comes just two months after Antonis Samaras told the Greek people that Greece would “be freed from the EU aid program and begin its recovery in 2014″.

4. As I predicted, Angela Merkel lied to the German People about future bailouts.

If there is anyone out there who still has faith in the eurozoners, europhiles and collaborators, I have but one question:

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