Lisa Gawlas – The Rain Of Light Ignites The Energy Of April! – 27 March 2014

lisagawlas2I do believe we are finally coming out of the fog of this first quarter.  Today is the first day I actually feel reconnected to my mental matter with clarity!!  Bout damn time too!!

Ya know what I find funny with myself, with all this shifting and changing, the language of light has been changing, the understandings of what I am seeing, very different than ever before, and I usually complain out loud that I would really like everyone to be the same, at least for a day.  So when that actually happens, like yesterday, I get very nervous that I am actually seeing correctly.

Everyone I connected to yesterday had an element of the sun energy, the long duration CME that was released a couple of days ago, was prominent in every connection.  My first lady had two major sun balls, streaming flames of energy and all, collide into her field of life, like asteroids hitting the ground and reverberating the energy field into life.  it was really beautiful to see and feel.  Suddenly, a new guide showed up for her, dressed very much like a witch, but completely in violet instead of black attire.  Her new guide said we can call her Jezebel and I had to laugh, in my world, if someone called you a Jezebel, they were saying you were a slut.  I was quickly and rather sternly put in my place.  Without humor, her new guide said it was crucial that she connected to her so that she may help her remember the “magical” skills awakening within her and how to fully use the earth energy and the sun energy together.  However, there is this feeling that the energy of shambha-lini is going to be prevalent too.

My next lady of the day, she too had this raining down of sun chunks, smaller than the first lady, but more scattered, or maybe better said, more widely distributed in her field of life.  I could see my lady way out in the outer edges of her created life, tiny, maybe about and inch or two big, with this hooded monks robe on, when suddenly this vibrant silver (tiny) train track emerged and laid itself up behind her.  It appeared to take her out of created life and into the area I call the celestial realm.  As I parked my attention there, in the celestial area of her landscape, I could feel three ET connections insisting on her connection to them.  They said they are there to help her navigate thru the energy of April and open up the codes that will be firing for her thru this very intense month.  They also said they will help her disrobe as well.  Reminding us, our buffers, what we could feel as our protection from our intense spiritual abilities, will be removed.  Best to do this removal consciously!

My lady reminded me of our last connection just before we hit the equinox energy, she then too had three beings wanting to connect with her, with the potential of a fourth, a teacher, that would emerge.

The rain of Light (or is that reign of Light) is permeating your life and the ground you walk upon, take it in and use it!!!

I realized by the end of the day yesterday, even tho y’alls new connections are showing up and really wanting to connect with you, actually let me rephrase that, you really need to connect with them, consciousness and purposely, it doesn’t seem to be getting done, mostly it seems, because your not sure how to get it done.  I do!!

Your ability to connect, to see and hear, is there.  You cannot be in this new landscape of Eden any other way.  I will be creating a new package today specifically designed to get you connected and keep you connected to your guides and ET connections.  (I will have my website updated today with the full details.)

Yesterday in my world, we had the most intense windstorm thru the afternoon and late into the evening.  No doubt the winds of change igniting things deep within us.  With these high winds, my ears started hurting.  Thank god not both ears at the same time, but one, the a while later, the other, then back and forth like that for hours.  I have a feeling, this all lead to the clarity I feel this morning and the inspiration I equally feel in not only getting me outside of my comfort zone, but all of us at the same time.

I also need to add this little note, when we have a massive shift within our awareness and skill set, 9 times out of 10, we also have a massive shift in our guides and teachers to help us utilize what we have available to us now.  Even here, we must reach and connect beyond our norm!!

It’s about time we get the prep work done in our new landscape of spirit alive in biology.  How exciting!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of extended energy reaching thru the stars!

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