Lucas – Interesting: After Nuclear Top In The Netherlands The Netherlands Nuclear Plant Safety Under Discussion – 27 March 2014

Whistleblower Jeroen Ghuijs has given his information as former employee of the nuclear plant at Borselle. He talks about the cracks in the reactor  and also the decay of the concrete that he had identified. This process was already ongoing since the eighties. The license for this plant is  though prolonged. The reactor exceeds its built for lifetime expectancy.  Still the plant was given another 20 years license. In total now this older type reactor will be serving up to  twice the life expectancy. This is very worrisome after all that is happening. Do we need more Fukushima’s in this world. In my view we can do without this power source and very quickly.


The problems of the nuclear plant are now addressed on national tv today after already in Belgium 2 similar nuclear type plants were closed already.

Thanks Jeroen.




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