Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 28 March 2014

NancyTateI am here this day to speak with you about how it is feeling at this time of ascension. I am Horus, and I feel what you are feeling when you are grandly appreciating the progress you are making. It is a beautiful transition you are bringing. Imagine the change that you are giving to the word transition, and many other words as well. It is a matter of being able to take the meaning to a broader, higher acceptance and to leave the old meaning behind. It is the true representation of the way that you are feeling now, and how you have made that rise into the newness of your creation.

Yes, I speak of your creation and the ability that you have to bring about that which you desire and intend for your lives. It is a wide spectrum that you are creating and in that you are exercising your abilities as beautiful beings. You are creating that which you desire, and the more the see the results of that, the more you realize your abilities. That adds to the increase and the gifts that you give to yourselves and others.

I include the universal gift that you are creating. You are giving of yourselves not only to the others here on earth, but within the earth and far out into the universe as well. We in Hollow and Inner earth feel and live your advancement as well as the animal, plants and mineral kingdoms. They are all seeing and feeling your climb to the next step, and the next and beyond. Have you noticed that all of the other life on earth is responding to your advancement? The animals are coming into alignment with you. Have you felt their communication with you to be so soft and loving?

There is a brand new experience that is taking place within and on the surface of earth. All of us are seeing the developments that are taking place within the structures that have been in place for so long. There is now an easing out of the strictness that has kept you bound to the laws of structure. To some of you it may seem to be the opposite of that which I speak. However it is a sample of all the negative energy rising out to the surface in its haste to be released to its freedom of returning to earth in its original positive energy. It is now melting into a harmonic that will be part of the ascension that is in progress. It is obvious to many of you that there is a change in the works, and you are becoming more aware that you are creating it. There are those who are still in the sleep of not even realizing the changes, however they too will open their eyes and beingness to the changes. They will do so because of the differences they will be feeling from all of you who are bringing about the revolutionary changes in your governments, financial systems and all of the societal aspects of humanity.

It is a wondrous transition we are seeing and feeling. As it takes its place in every aspect of earth life, it is adding to the energy of the universal language. It is bringing clarity to all of us in cooperation with what we are seeing as our harmonic interlacing with you. This will bring about the destined results of climbing through the muck and mire into the easy flowing of the silken energy of complete and utter Love that brings a smile to the universe and a song to the lips of every living being. It shines forth the language of Love in a way that is inseparable and whole in its potential as well as its Nowness.

I, along with all of us in Hollow and Inner earth send our infinite Love to all of you with our congratulations on the progress you are making. As you see and live the truth of loving each step of the way, you bring that truth to the Light of so many. It is a wondrous step that you take with every breath, every note of softness, and every beam of Light that you project. I sit in comfort and harmony with you all now and watch as you take another step in the light of the Creator as you sit in harmony together. Love is all there is, and you are living proof of that.

Thank you Dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate link to original article


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