Laura Bruno – On Tokyo subway, Aikido Elder Shocks Both Aikido Student And Violent Drunk – 29 March 2014


I love, love, love this story! Thanks, Ann. 🙂

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In a rare “bad mood” this morning. Usually, despite my hopefully clear-eyed look at myriads of cascading “black swan” events collapsing in on our dear, sorry world,  I walk around in a continuous state of gratitude and joyous anticipation. So it feels very weird, this noticing of how no matter what comes into view, either internal or external, my mind instantly moves into a sour critical mode. Hmmm. Paying close attention, and asking this strange mood to lift!

Meanwhile, here’s a story that should have brought me out of my funk, and maybe it still will. Thanks to the email list of Fred Burks, of

The late Terry Dobson (d. 1992), via

The late Terry Dobson (d. 1992), via /link to  original article

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