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TheIndependent – RBS Shareholders Secure Insurance To Pursue £4Bn Legal Claim – 29 March 2014

The Independent

By James Moore

RBS shareholders have secured after-the-event legal insurance to enable them to take their £4 billion legal claim against the bank to trial.

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TheIndependent – Barclay Brothers Win £1.2Bn Tax Rebate Battle Against HMRC – 29 March 2014

The Independent

By Jim Armatage

The billionaire Barclay Brothers, owners of the Telegraph newspapers, have won a major victory against the taxman after a judge decided their Littlewoods/Shop Direct mail order empire should be refunded what could be more than £1.2bn of interest on decades of overpaid VAT.

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DealBook – Morgan Stanley Nearly Doubles C.E.O. Pay To $18 Million – 29 March 2014



A hefty long-term incentive award helped nearly double the compensation for Morgan Stanley’s chairman and chief executive, James P. Gorman, to $18 million for 2013.

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DealBook – (JP Morgan’s) Cavanagh To Receive $39 Million In Pay For Joining Carlyle – 29 March 2014



Michael J. Cavanagh, the longtime JPMorgan Chase executive who is preparing to join the Carlyle Group, will make $7 million in salary and bonus in each of his first three years at the private equity giant, a regulatory filing on Friday showed.

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DealBook – British Insurance Stocks Fall On Regulator’s Plans For Review – 29 March 2014



Updated, 2:54 p.m. |

LONDON – Shares of British insurers slumped Friday after the Financial Conduct Authority confirmed it planned to conduct a review later this year on whether long-standing customers were being treated fairly by their insurers.

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Steve Lendman – Israeli Crimes Go Unpunished – 29 March 2014

StevelendmanThey’re longstanding. They continue daily. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) highlights them. It did so in its 2013 annual report.

PCHR Director Raji Sourani called 2013 “the worst year ever due to the Israeli crimes which went unpunished…”

“(T)he world’s silence towards Israel’s closure of any door to justice in the face of the Palestinian victims (includes) pressure exerted on countries which adopt universal jurisdiction…” Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 847 – Robbie Martin Recounts The Beheading Hoax Story – 29 March 2014

Robbie Martin of MediaRoots.org joins us today to talk about his involvement in the fake beheading video that was picked up and reported on as a real video in 2004. We talk about media lies and how they are used to further the war agenda, and we discuss the recent drama surrounding his sister Abby’s on-air comments and their reception in the corporate media. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Fed Needs To “Stress Test” Itself As Balance Sheet Balloons To $4.3 Trillion – 29 March 2014

Friday’s AM fix was USD 1,295.75, EUR 944.15 and GBP 779.68 per ounce.

Thursday’s AM fix was USD 1,295.00, EUR 942.09 and GBP 779.14 per ounce. 

link to chart Gold in U.S. Dollars, 1 Month – (Thomson Reuters) 

Snapping its four-day losing streak, gold prices recovered very marginally yesterday. Traders said there was a revival of buying by retailers at these lower levels and this contributed to a marginal recovery in gold prices.

Gold climbed $6.19 to $1298.69 at about 4AM EST before it fell back to a new 6-week low of $1285.81 in the next six hours of trade. It then bounced higher into the close and ended with a marginal gain of 0.02%. Silver slipped to as low as $19.649 before it also bounced back higher and ended with a gain of 0.2%.

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ZeroHedge – West Desperate To Break Russia-China Axis, But “Money Talks” Straight To Putin – 29 March 2014

Among other things, there is one major obstacle to the West’s “costs” imposition on Vladimir Putin and his Russian economy – China. So far, a Xi Jinping has described, China has been a “sleeping lion” but today “the lion is awake” and with the Chinese President’s first trip to Europe, as WSJ reports, western leaders are hoping to enlist his support over the crisis in Ukraine. However, privately, European diplomats concede that China’s relationship with Russia remains solid and that was evidenced by their most recent investment in Russia’s $10bn state-backed Direct Investment Fund (which just happens to be run by a former Goldman Sachs banker. It seems “money talks” once again and China will likely continue to play the middle ground.

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Natalie Glasson – Where Is The Love? By Archangel Metatron – 29 March 2014

natalie glassonBeloved beacons of light and love on the Earth, I address you from my truth speaking to all aspects of your being. I remain a presence and support for the Earth and humanity in this ascension process overseeing all shifts of ascension while ensuring a deeper sense of unity for all with the Creator. You can call upon me to assist you in all ascension processes within your being and upon the Earth as I hold a larger picture of what is to manifest and can shower you in the light of the Creator in support and to assist you further.
Know that while my purpose has been and continues to be focused upon unity with the Creator and all aspects of the Creator which means recognising a harmony with the Creator, I wish to speak now of the importance of love.

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