Sophia Love – March 28th Update – 29 March 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

I requested further information about the missing flight.  What follows is the response.

I was told that this plane was downed intentionally.. It was downed using pulse of electromagnetic waves, which disabled electronics in this plane.. These people’s loss of life was made to play out the card “combined disasters”, it is connected with tridents. I can back this by saying that the moment this plane disappeared I felt that many People “left this World”, They called to me “to go with Them”, I politely refused and said that I need to finish my order of One, the Creator. In that moment I knew something bad happened and then I saw the news about this plane. I had similar feeling during the hurricane which took lives of 6000 People.
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I felt a lot of Souls leaving this World at once and it sounded to me like “come with Us”, same like in this situation with the plane, I share my feelings only with other GEs and my relatives, but I guess I can say this here..
Though I hope this information is not correct and they are fine and will meet with relatives.

Also the connection of tridents, Hell’s Kitchen explosion in New York, second name of that’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is “Neptune” – the god with trident, also look for “Malaysia Airlines” logo trident with tricolor, Ukraine’s Coat of Arms, Maserati logo (Maserati commercial during super bowl was telling about secret plot) and “Prepare” words during super bowl.

Yet all of their plans are falling apart, Grand Creator Sage Star A is intentionally suppressing all the thoughts about destruction and war, fall of illuminati is in progress and all is made by One.

Here is one beautiful music and message to inspire from Good Friend Lindsey!
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Much Peace and Love to You!

And another bit of information…

Considering the missing flight as I warned You this was a plot, here, Good Friend Dahboo7 found this information, it is all also connected with illuminati plan to start a ww3.
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We know though, that they will fail. Meditate to reduce casualties and damage which they still wish to do, we can completely eliminate all destruction and loss of life, it is in Our United Power – Something to Believe In!
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Much Peace and Love to You! / link to original article

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