Sophia Love – The Elixer Of Youth – 30 March 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

There is something to be said about the heart.  It is your most powerful organ.  Once it stops, so do you in this realm.  So it functions as a motor; beating out a daily rhythm to the life you are living.

It is more than that.  It has a role as the guide, the conductor of virtually every other facet of life.  The energy supplied by the heart does more than pump blood through veins and arteries.  It supplies feeling and infuses life with purpose.  You are more than a physical machine.  You are a biochemical love producer.

As the amount of love cannot be measured or weighed or even seen, how can it be known?  What is its purpose in the overall plan for life?  It can be felt and it is here that it alters everything else.

The climate and environment in which all human organs swim and live can be altered by emotion.  Stress, hatred and sadness have a harsh effect on a biochemical level.  Love creates the opposite reaction. The emotion of love supports health and increases longevity when all other factors are operating normally.  It is an elixir of youth.

I speak here of the love that is felt through your body, generating an effect that actually shifts the chemical balance within.

None of this probably matters to you on a day to day basis.  Love just feels good.  It’s what we are all searching for.  It’s what propels us forward and sets a kind of equilibrium for the rest of your days.

What is the rest, if not love?  For love is a part of every action and interaction.  Each moment holds within it a possibility to love and to both give and receive the blessing it offers.  You can pump gas with love, make breakfast with love, answer the phone with love and pay your bills with love.  Love does not exist for some and not others.  This includes moments as well as people.  There is always more love.

If you see a place that appears devoid of love then you are witnessing the effect of confusion.  It is possible to alter circumstances in such a way that they appear hopeless and hateful.  It is not possible to remove love from the situations.  Guns, anger and fear are powerful techniques to hide the love that is present.  Yet they do not have the ability to eradicate it.

Fear is the opposite of love.  It is present when confusion shows up and truth is not remembered.  It cannot force out the fact of love, although it can appear that way.

It may seem pointless to consider loving when you are hurting, possibly sick or in less than perfect physical circumstances.  Yet nothing would aid the situation more than love.  It is magic when understood.

How each idea and moment is approached can determine its outcome.  Love looks like a smile, joy, confidence and hope.  Love sees truth and colors it with patience.  There is a moment today when you will have the opportunity to either love or be afraid.  Love, because fear is a fruitless enterprise.

Your life is limited only by your ideas about it.  You can see it as cold or view it as warm and with possibility.  It is difficult to speak of love and not include the opinion that to love is very much dependent on circumstances and luck.

It is your choices that determine your life, and included in them is the choice to love.  Say “yes” to love and do it despite all opposition.  Loving anyway creates a field of positive energy around you and every part of your days.  Love your cat, your mail carrier, your banker and your ex.  Love in each moment and the effect will be exponential.  You’ll find a string of days filled with promise and know a deep peace that does not exist when fear and “no” instead predominate.

The amazing thing is this.  Say “yes” for you – not because it’s the right thing but because it’s like swimming upstream with the current – easier and faster without struggle.  Say “yes” because of how good it feels for you.

Then watch the world around you change.  Everything becomes crystal clear through lenses of acceptance.  Through eyes of love your world unifies.  It becomes One. What feels good for you, feels good for everyone else.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article


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