Wes Annac – Discernment In A Spiritually Abundant Era: Continued – Part 1/2 – 30 March 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

In a previous article, Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era, I explored the necessity of using discernment with everything we learn and every lower emotion that presents itself to us. As you can probably imagine, there’s far more material on the subject than what we initially explored, and I’d like to continue exploring it here.

You’d think only so much could be said about discernment, but our channeled sources have taken a lot of opportunities to encourage us to question as much as we can. One of the most interesting things about channels is that all of the genuine ones seem to run along similar themes, even though the scribes are in different places – different countries, in some cases.

The extent to which various independent messages confirm and expand on themes that are presented in others is very interesting, and in my view, it’s an argument for the validity of modern channels. Clearly, some type of coordination is taking place, which seems to confirm the notion that various evolved souls and collectives work with each other to speak to humanity.

In our first quote, Jeshua through John Smallman lays out the mass awakening currently taking place.

“Humanity is evolving spiritually from a state of unquestioning acceptance of what their culture tells them is the truth, to a level where so-called truths, on the human stage, are questioned and investigated. This is an essential step in your awakening process.” (1)

It’s obviously essential that we question the lies our media endlessly hashes out, and an independent society that’s capable of questioning the things we’re told will excel greatly. We’ll prosper beyond our wildest dreams when widespread awareness sets in and we start questioning the people in power, and cultivating discernment is the first step to constructing a new world.

Jeshua continues: “When discernment sets in, anything of value can be retained while discarding any nonsensical dogma that has become attached to these philosophies over the ages, but which still demands unconditional doctrinal adherence, even though they have become manifestly corrupted and misinterpreted.

“Openness is the key to growth, to evolution, because that encourages people to investigate premises that have been taken for granted and to re-evaluate them in the light of new knowledge.” (2)

We can question the things we’ve been programmed to follow from a higher perspective, and in doing so, we’ll see that most religions are highly distorted. Every religion sheds a little bit of light on the truth of our existence, but unfortunately, many of them are laced with prejudice and dogma.

Humanity will need to learn to accept and love each other if we want to change the manner in which the planet functions, and we’ll benefit greatly when we learn not to blindly accept the religious and spiritual teachings we’re given.

Archangel Sandalphon through Ute Posegga-Rudel distinguishes the genuine light expressed in many channels from the ‘artificial light’ that apparently tests our discernment.

“There are Millions of Light Forces who Serve that Glorious Divine Will, incarnated and not incarnated, on your planet, who are – with the weapons of Radiant Light – outshining everything that is dark and characterized by ignorance.

“But still your discrimination is required to feel and understand the difference between the Real Light and the artificial light that is intended to test you. It is about your own learning process to Know at heart the Presence of Love and Unity and to detect the mind of separation in what only appears to be of the light.” (3)

We’re able to recognize artificiality in the channeled messages or spiritually inclined writings we read by the amount of love and sincerity that are absent from them, and when this love clearly isn’t present or only seems present in small, unenthusiastic, or lazy doses, we can discern that the source doesn’t contain the genuine light we seek.

With all of the options out there, we’re bound to find spiritually inspired material that resonates with us and refreshes our perspective on the truths we seek to understand. We certainly have a lot to learn, and finding sources that work for us will help us with our studies.

Of course, seeking within is the best thing we can do, but a little bit of outside help in the form of channeled or written spiritual material doesn’t hurt.

Archangel Sandalphon then tells us that artificial things don’t contain the spiritual essence most seekers are looking for.

“Ignorance is void of the Fullness of Divine Existence, as it has cut off itself from It, trying to survive independently from Highest Divine Intelligence, Which includes the Miraculous Vibration of Love, Joy and Ecstasy!” (4)

If the things we’re doing or learning don’t fill us with joy and exuberance, then we aren’t meant to be doing them. We have to feel passionate about the things we do and the genuine material we read, because otherwise, we’ll fall into the pattern of artificiality that’s prevalent in too much of the world.

The Angels, speaking through Elizabeth Ayres Escher, tell us that we have the full ability to welcome and reject certain things from our lives.

“When surveying the news carried on mass media, do you allow yourself to fall into a flunk of despair and fear or are you able to view the content with an air of detachment and compassion? It is your choice.

“If you have truly entered the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension and have touched the fifth and higher within your meditations and spiritual exercises, you now have the ability to make choices as to what you will accept into your world.” (5)

As our vibration continues to rise, our ability to accept the things that help us and reject the things that don’t will grow to new heights and we’ll be endlessly able to reject lower things that hold us back from the greater perception we seek to attain.

If we accept the darkness that’s so common on earth, we’ll become instruments for its expression and feed into the fray like everyone else. We have the opportunity to choose a higher way, and we can take this opportunity as we move beyond anything and everything that could hold us back.

The Angels then confirm what I’ve said above.

“You can choose to detach from the mayhem that still exists as the rigidly dualistic systems of the old world continue to deteriorate or you can choose to engage the new energies by developing new ways of being.

“Follow the directions given by your heart, through the feelings emanating from your high heart center. Know that you contain everything you need to complete your journey within your own being once you have made that connection through the heart with your greater Self.” (6)

Do you notice how many independent channeled sources have encouraged us to follow the guidance of the open heart space? Heart-centered discernment is a very important theme among the respective sources speaking to us through channels, and their coordination in getting this message across through various different scribes is uncanny.

Perhaps this coordination speaks to the importance of the subject at hand!

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


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