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It is a very long time that you are now waiting for the big change to occur. I know and feel that many of you have lost confidence and trust that your world would really shift into a new paradigm that truly mirrors your human heart and which you therefore deserve.
Although a decent number of human souls have lost their way, have lost the memory of who they are and what they are here for, have lost their integrity by falling for the deceptions of your old ruling elite, all of you still possess the human heart that is capable of love and of joy, and derives its heritage from higher dimensions, that are of Divine nature.

Therefore I am speaking now to all humanity, especially to those who lost all their confidence in a bright future.
Beloved souls, If you knew the love of the heavens, the realms in which we, your star families of the light are living, you would certainly never give up your hopes.

Because we are your future. All of you have the capacity to telepathically and even vibrationally commune with us, if you let yourself be guided by your angels and higher self, how to do  so. This is the time when humanity wakes up to their higher potential. It is only your doubt and mind of neglect that you do not develop your higher psychic gifts that are all natural to human beings.

However your controlling elite was more and more able in the last centuries to convince you that your are just a creature with a physical body and its five senses, unable to know and to use your higher faculties that reach far beyond of what you can see, feel, smell, touch and hear in your 3dimensional realm.

We tell you, that the transition you have been waiting for, is very very near now and for some it is already happening. So we suggest, to look into a different and more enlightened timeline of higher frequencies than the one you have been tied to for so many Millenniums. In other words, we invite you to grow your consciousness and connect with us.

We like to inspire you to not to delay it further, energetically and with your doubtful intention, but to open your heart and your vision, feel and see it happening NOW. This is YOUR necessary and expected contribution to the big changeover. Doubt and negative expectation have a major impact on the subtle dimension of the creative process. As you know, things appear first in the subtle realms before they can manifest in greater density. This is about bringing the higher light literally into your domain.

For the change to be implemented fully, many things must be in place, many pieces of the puzzle must be prepared, all must be in one flow and current, in one big coincidence, all the small currents must unite in one big stream, energetically spoken. Without it, the right cosmic constellation cannot be achieved.

Please understand, that this shift is of enormous proportion and requires great forces to fall into their appropriate place. So positively and with joyful expectation and vision know that IT will happen, that it IS already happening. It needs the energy and intent of every single one of you, to constantly brighten the conscious space of your world to make it a Divine Realm.

Fate is never a fixed reality. There is no prophecy that must be fulfilled, if so desired.  Things can change from day to day, from hour to hour. It is up to you to let the light happen, so that darkness is no more.

Therefore I am not to tell you a date – of course, because there is none. It is happening outside of time and space. And all of you, and many other ponderabilities that are part of this gigantic New Creation, are the hands and the mind of God, that Is Gaia, Humanity and all  the living Kingdoms on earth and the Divine Creative Force that Lives behind all creations involved in this shift.
My dear ones, my love is with you, and so is the love of the brothers and sisters of the heavens. We are aware of your subtle worlds, your thoughts, your feelings, your spiritual aspirations, as they are more congruent with our own subtle worlds in which we live.

Therefore we know your struggles and your spiritual victories, but we do not interfere with your 3dimensional affairs as they emerge in the lower manifestations. It would require us to dim down our own light and vibration, to be able to vibrate on that level.
Especially at this time it is paramount that we, of the heavens, vibrate on the highest possible level, because also we evolve to a higher consciousness.

Therefore we are required to find that critical balance of ascending and at the same time of keeping our connections with you. Those of you who are able to telepathically connect with us, are therefore our most appreciated sources of communication and as providers of information from your world.

This is the reason why we ask all of you to raise your frequencies and your consciousness to find us where we are. Soon, after the great shift, all humanity will rise in consciousness, but it will take time for the majority of you to finally reach the vibrational level on which we are existing.

Is it not, that you are not served when we lower our own vibration in order to make contact to you? And is it not that you are truly served when you are willing to stretch yourself to exercise and energize your own hidden Divine qualities?

The more of you are prepared of doing so, to truly grow into your native capabilities, the quicker you draw the Golden Age to you. Never forget, that this evolutionary process is still an option that must be chosen by you. If you do not choose it, you cannot be part of it.
Miracles occur, if your conscious will coincides fully with the trends of a specific timeline. Miracles still need a conscious receptor, a vessel to receive them. They do not occur by mere chance.

So this is another wake up call, dear ones, to understand your own responsibility in this evolutionary process, that you all without exception, create. You will enter the world that you choose and for which you already show the signs in your actual living.

We shower the Grace and the Love and the Joy of the heavens upon you, always. But YOU must receive them, you must be open to them to constantly grow closer to them.

I AM your friend Ashtar!

Message conveyed by Ute

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