AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – The Shift is Done. Are You Still Feeling Loopy? – 2 April 2014

eileenmeyerI had a series of dreams a few nights ago that clearly validated what I’ve been sensing for awhile – what people have been referring to as THE SHIFT… well it HAS DONE SHIFTED. Oh the energies will continue to increase, and all that is false in our outer world will continue to crumble, but basically all that remains is our recognition, adaptation, and acclimation to the sheer power and beauty of what is real and natural – the truth of who we are. I laughed upon awakening from one of the dreams. Over my lifetime a lot of people have considered me to be the “loopy” one of the bunch. After you read this post you may see the irony along with me. In fact, the ones who made fun of me – with what I saw and sensed beyond the limited, and repetitive definitions of life on earth – were actually the ”loopy” ones.

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance. - Nikola Tesla, circa 1890

In dream #3 of the night, I found myself walking around what appeared to be a mental institution with dazed and shuffling zombie “patients” who were not present and therefore could not make eye contact. So what grabbed my attention was a magical display of tiny turtles on a coffee table who wanted to demonstrate to me that anything was possible. They chatted with me, danced, flew and even turned a pile of decorative stones into an animated 5-D conga line. It was pure delight. I then looked up from this amazing display to see another human pair of eyes lock onto mine from across the room. I went over and sat across from him – chair to chair. It was a long conversation with that familiar feeling of huge knowing-downloads taking place that would be understood and more fully integrated at another time. When we were done, I looked up and saw an old tin sign that said M•I•K•O•L•A in an arched, semi-circle formation. There was a later understanding that I was conversing with Nicola Tesla himself. Why the “M” in his name? I dunno.

All of this was occurring simultaneously… with one more very important overlay. I clearly saw, and for a moment inserted myself within a few repetitive and ”glitchy” holographic loops. They represented the programming that I / we personally believed was the truth about reality, and therefore willingly participated within. One in particular was a loop of being at my first job at the telephone company in Southern California and having the boss belittle me and chastise me for not following exact (demeaning) protocol. It felt horrible – just like it did back then. I could see that there were some anomalies in the loop or matrix, which helped me realize (real-eyes) that it was fake. It was buzzing, cutting out, and becoming distorted. I knew then that these loops will continue to loop as long as there are enough of us still participating and believing that these “programs of limitation” are real. (So who, may I ask, are the “loopy” ones? LOL.) Very simply put, it is our energy that perpetuates this unreal, unfulfilling-world, and therefore it can still appear to be the dominant (looping) collective reality. Each one of us needs to see this for ourselves, and then choose (and build) our new, more expanded personal as well as collective reality.

Actually, it was the first dream of the night that revealed this important piece to me: The ones who have been at the helm of this holographic, virtual world construct, have left the building. “Head”quarters have been abandoned. It is in the PAST. NOW, it is all up to us to create and live presently in a world we are literally in “heart” with. Good riddance to HEADquarters and a warm welcome to the collective, HEART-centered, natural self – the Self that lives at ONE with, and in balance with the Natural World. And make no mistake, it was abandoned because enough of us have real-eyezd our true nature.

I channeled the following related material in June 2006 from the Group Cosmic Intelligence… way before I fully understood it. As confusing as it has been, many of us have been preparing and developing ourselves for this current intersection in consciousness. And life never made sense before because we absolutely needed this larger context in which to comprehend the magnificence of our “real” identities and our very “real” power. So I’ll leave you with this…

…Be willing to rest in your residency in the Natural World and you will find an abundance of resource, creative solutions, new understandings, new approaches, and new insights that will demonstrate to others that you are in fact in a wonderful new place.

When you are firmly rooted in your new residency, you are in a position to validate, in physical form, that these newly acquired skills and insights are, in fact, demonstrable to yourself and others. And as you know, this is a requirement for most people now on the planet. They must see in physical terms how this works and that it has value. Do not put pressure upon yourself, for you are taking this one step at a time and sharing what you have learned, what you now understand, having crossed this threshold into the more truthful, natural self. You not only support each other in your varying stages of conscious rooted-ness in the Natural World, but you serve as inspiration, a beacon for those who connect with you from the past – reaching out and reaching through the distortions. This is in fact how you heal the past from this present place of orientation – both on an individual level as well as a collective level. In the present moment you discover the treasure that you have all been seeking – unlimited resource for living the fulfilling lives that you choose. And the gift that is offered from those who have found their way to the present-moment orientation in the Natural World, is to reveal to any who come within their consciousness and physical being, that there is a far more productive, fulfilling, and peaceful way of living on this planet that brings riches and success far beyond what you could imagine from the past.

Humans are in for a big surprise, as you say, when they realize and come into full understanding of what the Real World truly is. For you have all been collectively settling on a very limited view and definition of the Real World. The intellect is of great service to humans, but it is not the foundation of the Real World. The Real World is feeling and intellect blended into an interactive and harmonic resonant balance. Yet humans must first restore their feeling nature, which may initially appear to be out of balance. Once the feeling nature is restored to its fullness and the healing has been complete in regard to the past orientation, the intellect can be reintroduced into the system as servant to the heart – just a slight adjustment in orientation for humans on Planet Earth (stated with a cosmic wink). We do not mean to make light of this in this way, but it truly is a slight adjustment from the larger view… link to original article

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