Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 408 – 2 April 2014

AishaNorthTime is indeed speeding up once again, as as things seem to become more and more blurry because of the speed of interaction between you and these incoming energies, you will all at times be hard pressed to see anything ahead. And rightly so, for this is not the time to look ahead, this is simply a time to just be within that minuscule, but ever expanding little sphere known as the NOW. For this is where you reside at all times, but for some reason, it is a time in space that mankind seem to have overlooked for such a long time, and so, you choose instead to linger in the past or skip ahead to a place you think of as the future. Well, when you do this, you are simply narrowing down the whole bandwidth of opportunities and potential you have at your disposal, and as you single out one of this multitude of possible scenarios that may or may not play out in the time ahead, you also close up other and more beckoning doors that are also there, ready and waiting for you if you so choose.

We know that these words are apt to make many a head spin, but we are simply here today to remind you all of a lesson that has been given again and again, but one that is also the fist to slip away the moment your head starts to get into the action like it usually does. You see, mankind has a long history of getting in its own way by alternately spending too much time looking back on things that are bygone and outdated, or by staring ahead into the murky mist to try to discern any possible routes ahead. This may not sound as a bad thing, but the only problem with this is, you are apt to search for more and more dire straits, and so, you will automatically make these dire predictions come true more often than not. And why is that? Simply because that so well-ingrained fear has been in the driver’s seat, and when that is the driving force behind more or less anything you might consider to do or not do, the results are given beforehand.

Like attracts like as the old saying goes, and as we have told you before, manifestation occurs when consciousness interacts with the energetic sea of potential that surrounds you on all sides. And if every single molecule within you have been reprogrammed to be in a state of alert and fight or flight mode seemingly forever, it does not take much imagination to see what the end result will be. Or rather, take a look around you and see what many of your fellow men are busy enacting at the moment, and you will see just what we mean.

But, as we have told you over and over again, the old school of fear is no longer viable and its rules are no longer applicable. For you have chosen to graduate from it, and you have all done so with the highest of grades. Remember, this is a place for learning, and it is not a primary school. This planet is in fact one of the most advanced places of education anywhere in Creation, and so, only those called to take on the challenges they will meet here will be taken on as students. And you have been amongst those chosen again and again, and you have learned the lessons faithfully, every little painful moment of it, and so, you have learned all that is possible to learn from that old curriculum. But now school is about to start again in earnest, and this time the first lesson will simply be this: re-learning to stay in the NOW, and to stay in a state of love, not instinctively sink back to that old trait of living from fear. It may sound like a simple assignment, but believe us when we say that it will be perhaps the most challenging one you have ever met. For this will be a time with much going on on all sides, and so, learning to stay out of the fray and stay focused and still in that eternal, peaceful now will be a lesson that will come at a price for many.

Again, do not let yourselves fall into fear simply by reading these words, for we know that to many, they will serve to set off all of the old alarm bells of doom and gloom, and you will be sorely tempted to go by your old instincts and let fear take hold of your reins once again. So give yourself enough time to dig deeper, and to try to see what lies behind this urge to go into fear the moment you realize that big changes are on their way. Why is it that you feel the need to hunker down and stove away cash and candles because you think the end is near in the same way you have seen it presented on films and in books? Do you think the reason could be something else than a sign of “natural alertness”? Could it perhaps be a way that someone has been trying to hold you back by triggering all the panic buttons you have so conveniently accepted to take on? Or could it be because some of your former masters were less interested in giving you every opportunity to grow by learning and more interested in lining their own coffers? We think you all know the answer to this, as this is a topic that has been oft discussed before. For as you are all well aware of, this magnificent place for higher learning, this Cosmic campus, was long infested by parasites that eschewed every single golden rule, and set themselves above any and all formality, but again this is also a thing of the past now, and as such that old concept of divide and conquer is no longer applicable on your shores.

But that does not mean that every single trace of this old programming have been deleted from your being, for it will still linger on in a deep corner somewhere within many of you. And that is why we are here to once again remind you to be alert to any signs of “red alert” being signalled from that old and more primal part of your being who has been programmed to be set on survival mode in such a way it will try to switch on all of the old manifestations of fear at the first opportunity. In other words, the more you are able to simply BE in every moment, the more you will be able to survey your field of influence in such a way, any old and unwanted gut instinct to react in a less than beneficial way will come to your attention at the earliest of opportunities, and you will be able to rein it in and let the light take the reins.

You see, many will try to squint their eyes to shut out the glare from the incoming light, and when they do that, they will try to convince themselves that it is not the light they see, it is simply more darkness. For as the light increases, any lingering shadows will deepen, and so, what is merely a trick of the eye will seem to be something far more intimidating to many a timid mind. For remember, no soul will be tricked into thinking that more light equals even more darkness, but a mind still bend into thinking in the old and corrupted way will be far easier to convince that the illusion is a reality, and that the light is nothing more than a faint glow of your imagination.

Again, we speak in parables, so let us simply boil it all down to this: never doubt the power nor the function of the light, for it is here to carry love into every single heart on this planet. But for many, the prospect of opening themselves up to something that will seem so foreign to them after living lifetime after lifetime literally in the dark, the confusion it brings will make them fall into fear. And this is a time where so much light will fill your skies, your hearts and your souls, and so, it is wise to stay focused lest you should all for the temptation to look around you too much. You see, it is you and only you who can govern your mind, and the only way to do that, is to let you heart set the pace. For you heart is following the light, and it will welcome every single particle of this life-enhancing stream that will flow down upon you. So your heart knows what is good for you, and your heart will show you the way, but only if you forgo the urge to try to second guess what the future may bring you. For you are not here to pare down the possibilities in any way now, you are simply here to receive the light in any way you can. And then, the light will speak to your heart and together, they will lead you all onwards and forwards, one step at the time, one NOW following after the other. So you need to truly BE here and now, and then you will find peace and assurance in every breath you take, no matter how frantic the other, less centered ones around you will behave.

So again we say stay focused and stay calm, and observe yourself to gauge the reactions that may be triggered within. If any outside influence starts to raise the alarms, be sure to check in and override any panic-buttons that may go off automatically. Fear is the old world, love and wisdom is the new world, and before you have learned to stay constantly centered in the new, you must train yourself at any opportunity to make the choice to be in the new every time the choice arises. And arise it will, for now, the old is starting to crumble even faster, and so, you will have many an opportunity to give yourself the lesson of being centered within the NOW in the days and weeks ahead. It is a lesson that we are certain you will learn quickly. After all, you have all made the choice to close that old chapter of fear and to open a brand new book called living your life from love. So we welcome our first class students, you are all truly first class, eager to learn and more than enough skilled to take on your new assignment with gusto and credibility, and we are certain that you will all deliver outstanding results. /link to original article

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