How India’s ‘Balanced’ Stance On Crimea Strengthens The Russian Case – 2 April 2014

RT logoMany critics and analysts in the Indian subcontinent maintain that while India so far has conserved a nonpartisan and balanced standpoint, it certainly is ‘tacitly’ with its old ally, Russia.

As majority of the 193 nations on March 27, 2014, took the Western side during voting of the UN general assembly resolution declaring Russia’s annexation of Crimea as illegal, a massive 58 countries choose to abstain from the process, an act the leading Indian daily, The Times of India terms as the new UN equivalent of staying “non-aligned”. And the big BRICS guys including India, China and Brazil were very much part of this neo “non-aligned” stance.

India as part of the BRICS countries has declared in a joint statement that it does not believe sanctions and counter-sanctions to be the appropriate response to the Crimean issue and that a political dialogue is the best answer.

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