Lisa Gawlas – Sensual Love Is In The Air!! Are You Ready To Play?? – 2 April 2014

lisagawlas2This is an absolutely exciting and I think, equally, unnerving time in our collective lives.  In front of us, we have an unlimited blank canvas in which we can create and recreate as often as we desire.  Other than our own minds, we have nothing standing in our way of creation, of manifesting our desires.  The unnerving part, is unless we lean into something, anything, with desire, our life remains a blank canvas.

Before this moment, we had things, experiences, people set up  at intersections within our life field to move us onward, expand our sense of Self and all that other good stuff (and often, not so good – feeling wise, stuff.)  Not any longer.  The game changed drastically.  Our job, if you will, is to learn how to paint our own desired creations into our life field.  As we become more and more proficient with the use of our Self, our emotional tools within, we will start to gather to effect the larger landscape.  Maybe we can look at this time we are in as being in the most advanced art school ever had.  Our color palate is limited only by our emotional field.  Our pure emotional field of course.  Meaning, no element of fear should get into your paint.  My own personal example of what i mean by this… (smile)… if you want a partnered relationship you cannot keep worrying that he just might end up moving in!  (I too, am a work in progress!! lol)   Or, if you have a funny looking creature showing up in your tree’s… go say hi (I have not done that yet, and he is starting to get persistent.)  Which brings me to balance!  (Again, I am a work in progress here and this is a reflection of my own Self,  lol.)  It is important to be in service to others, but not to the exhaustion of your own self and your own growth and connections.

There seemed to be two main themes playing out in yesterdays connections, the main one is the blank canvas in front of you and the other, really took me by surprise.  Raise that sexual energy of yours.  Play with it.  Expand it.  Have fun with it.  Those who are in spiritually partnered relationships, and by that I mean, you are both consciously aware, awake and communicating with your other about your own spiritual experiences…. this is one hellofa season for you!!   I got a squirrels eye view of what this means to you!

I have this wonderful couple that I read for individually, started by the wife.  Well, it was her scheduled day to connect yesterday, and even before our phone call together, her energy was showing up in my world.  I could see her diving head first into the vat of energy called April and let me tell you, now that we are in it, the energy is thick and mixed with a deep blue, a deep violet and for some (not everyone yet) a deep pink of passion.  As soon as she and I connected and started talking, two squirrels aligned themselves directly in front of my back door and started having wild, and I do mean wild, squirrel sex!!  I have never seen that before!!  I have watched the birds tango with each other, but never the squirrels.  As if on cue, the moment I told her this was a message for her, the two wild squirrels exited the field and finished their frolicking in the bushes!

Of course, that swung open the doorway of talking about sex.  Sacred sex.  In-love with your partner, sex.  (Just trying to be clear here.)  Ohhhh that place (I vaguely remember, lol) that is after foreplay and before orgasm… the hunky, chunky full on sexual energy.  That is where the game is played, where the opportunities for opening doorways exists, consciously.  This is a game that MUST be had by both partners, consciously and with Divine Will.

I watched as the potential (not the act itself, I am not wanting to watch anyone have sex, unless of course, it’s on cinimax…giggle.)  In this pregnant state of sexual energy (that middle part) I watched as her upper body formed a new connection to his lower body, half her, half him at the waist.  Her connections reaching to the heights of heaven (from her head area) his reaching to the heart of gaia (from his waist down) and forming a new body, a new energy system.  Their new body, to my viewing eyes, was so beautiful, energetic, golden and translucent but in form.

Suddenly, I remember so much of the downloads that happened from 2007-2008 about Shambhala, sacred sex (in the physical) and the doorways it can and will open with equally participating partners.

Thru their new (potential of a) body, I could see the energy pathways extending from their mid-body, where they formed together as one energy.  And for those in this gifted position, is yours to use and explore and bring into created reality.

There is so much more to this story, but, at this moment, it simply has me leaning in, seeing the potential at hand… but until someone experiences it… it remains a very exciting mystery!

But don’t think for a moment you must have a partner to use that sexual energy that is just waiting to play out loud in your life.  There are avenues that can be explored in the solo journey, or even half partnered journey (meaning, one is conscious the other, well, they are where they are.)  From what I am understanding as well, there is even much more to be experienced if you are willing to take that joy outdoors.  Share with the trees or the plants, the water ways and open fields.  Invite the energy in, use it in your…. experiences.  But equally, be a participant of consciousness within it all.  Pay attention to the energy as it changes, shifts, opens doorways, then flow thru the doorway, consciously so you know what you have just gotten yourself into.

Now to completely change this conversation, lol, I do want to talk about my last connection from yesterday, it is as important to all of us as the sexual energy stuff is.

Here we are, in the first and second day of our wildly unlimited life field.  My last lady of the day showed up on crutches.  I kept blinking thinking I must be seeing her wrong, that coupled with one hellofa light headache had me unsure of what I was seeing.  I knew her legs were not broken, but as I looked closer, her legs were actually whited out.  I could see her from the bottom of her trunk upwards, I just couldn’t see her legs at all.  I realized she has not decided what she wants to experience in this new life we worked so hard to get to.  The crutches themselves, were a part of her soul expression, saying, I am here to help you move forward, even without your sea legs on yet.  We have tools, so many tools and allies, that will help us move forward with deep inner desire.

So, by hook or by crutch, we are getting ready for the greatest game of paintball!!  Sensual Paintball!!!

On that note, I am going to give thanx to my greatest desire having happened.  I slept all the way thru the night and woke up at 5am!!  Hurray!!!  I feel alive again!  I am going to take a moment to check out that crazy Being in my tree!

I love you all soul much.  Thank you for kicking me in the ass every day thru your presence in my world.

(((((HUGZ)))) of playfulness and exciting adventures to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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