Ron Head- …Know That You Have Left Nothing Undone – 2 April 2014

RonHeadMichael and the Councils

We have spoken in our last message of ways, methods, to increase your frequencies. We will bring some of them forward today. Let us state beforehand that we are not going to give you anything that is new. After all, you have been on this path for thousands of years and many ways of doing this have been developed. You were the ones who developed them. So we will jog your memories. We might give you a thought or two about them that may be other ways of thinking which you have not considered, but the practices are very, very old. They are well used. In the manner of wearing a pathway through a forest, that is a part of their efficacy. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. There is no need to blaze a new trail.

We will speak of light, which is high frequency energy. We will speak of grounding. We will speak of your perceptions and understanding. We will recommend that you begin a daily practice if you do not currently have one. We also recommend that you do not beat yourself up for not having one or for missing a day in your daily practice if you do have one. Remember the whole purpose is to raise your frequency and beating yourselves up will certainly not help that. Let us begin.

We mentioned light as a frequency of energy. We would now remind you that we have recently spoken of all energy as being a total spectrum and what you perceive as light as being a portion of that spectrum, as is sound, heat, etc. But for the purposes of this discussion, let’s simplify things by referring to light, energy, love, and the ‘ground of all being’ as being synonymous. We will make the terms interchangeable.

It is being said by many sources, and correctly, that you are in a process of increasing your physical body’s capacity to hold higher and higher frequencies and amounts of that light which we have just defined. If you are upon this planet at this time, you already have managed to do quite a bit of this. Some do it quite well and painlessly. For some it is problematic. We have been at pains to mention frequently the uses of acceptance, gratitude, intention, grounding, etc. as ways to minimize the effects of this upon your mental and physical selves. Some who are having problems do not even suspect any of what we are discussing. Others, in their rush to accomplish their purposes have ‘bitten off more than they can chew’, as you like to put it. It is possible to catch up, and it is possible to dial the intensity back. These are things we can help you with.

We also mentioned grounding. The benefits of this can hardly be overstated. There are many ways this is being promoted now, from the simplicity of walking barefoot on your earth, to the relatively expensive ‘earthing’ movement and its products. All of these things are quite beneficial. What we wish to mention now is that you will need to center yourselves in your hearts and then visualize a connection between you and your planet as often as you can.

Returning to the topic of the universal energy itself, we wish to explain in one place some concepts which have been mentioned before lately in order to solidify understanding and expand it a bit. The light, energy, healing, unconditional love, etc. which a great many of you invoke daily is a oneness. It is, in its fullness, the I Am. It is conscious. It is intelligent. And you, in your varying ways of invoking it, are raising the frequency signature of everything around you as you raise your own frequencies. Allow us to repeat that, as you raise your own frequencies.

You may, of course direct the light you invoke to anything or anyone you choose, but your simple invocation alone will change you and everything else as well. You may invoke it, bask in it, and be at peace, and know that you have left nothing undone. It will, however, as is well known, follow your intention. You may send concentrations of it to parts of your own physical beings, to emotions, situations, other places, other people, other things, or even situations. What you cannot do is specify outcomes that are in opposition to the free will of others or that would violate their chosen paths and contracts. It would be far better for your own progress to let the light itself figure out what is needed, and that is the point we intended to make with this entire paragraph.

Also, please understand that when you set aside time to do these things, you are not so much bringing your guides, teachers, and whatever term you personally have for the Diety closer, as you are bringing your awareness into alignment to what is already around you and a part of you. Again, let us repeat ourselves. It is a part of you. It is never somewhere else. It never goes away. We never do not hear you. We never do not know how you feel. And you are NOT judged, except, as we have told you before, by yourselves.

If you began reading this, you were very likely one of those who are on your journey of ascension. Since you have read this far, we are sure you are. So let us now express our deep thanks for your service to the All and assure you that you are held in love and great appreciation. We shall continue our dialogue another day.

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