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ABC News – Billions In Hidden Sbsidies Going To Too-Big-To-Fail Banks – 3 April 2014

ABC News

By Stephen Letts

As the first round of submissions to the Federal Government’s Financial Systems Inquiry closed this week there was a timely reminder that the fundamental cause of the global financial crisis is still deeply embedded in the banking system

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Greek Far-Right Golden Dawn Topples PM Aide Amid Police Crackdown – 3 April 2014

RT logoA senior aide to the Greek PM resigned on Wednesday after a leaked video allegedly showed him describing a government conspiracy to clamp down on the far right-wing Golden Dawn party. The leak came as several Golden Dawn MPs were stripped of immunity.

The video showed Takis Baltakos speaking to an off-screen person, who is believed to be Golden Dawn MP, Ilias Kasidiaris, says the Greek Reporter news website.

The senior official said in the video – which was presumably shot last autumn shortly after the arrest and release of Kasidiaris – that Prime Miniser Antonis Samaras was outraged with ministers of justice and police for not pressuring investigators to proceed with the prosecution.

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Muslim Brotherhood Strikes Back Against Saudi Link In UK Probe – 3 April 2014

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In a statement released Wednesday by the Brotherhood’s London press office, the group said it “welcomes all opportunities to engage with Governments in order to bring a better understanding about the aims and methods of the Muslim Brotherhood and how it intends to return Egypt to a democratic and civil society.”

The transnational Islamist movement stressed what it called its longstanding commitment to non-violence following Britain’s decision on Tuesday to open a probe into the group’s activities.

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‘NATO Making Best Effort To Show It’s Doing Something About Crimea’ – 3 April 2014

RT logoCrimea is being used as pretext to increase Western defense budgets, although what’s happened there really has little impact on the vital national interests of NATO-members, security analyst Charles Shoebridge told RT.

RT: NATO says it wants to protect member states against what it calls “Russia’s aggression.” Its top military commander claims Moscow is ready and able to take Ukraine within three to five days. Are his fears justified?

Charles Shoebridge: This threats supposedly of Russia invading the remnants of Ukraine or rather the bulk of Ukraine, since, after all, the Crimea has gone to Russia has been in the air some time. The Security Minister of Ukraine many weeks ago started saying that Russia was about to invade. Then there was another warning about two weeks ago, now this is yet a third warning that it’s maybe about to happen.

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Ukraine ‘Spillover’ Could Wreck World Economy – Lagarde – 3 April 2014

RT logoInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde warns the Ukraine situation could have “broader spillover implications” if it is mismanaged. She was talking to Johns Hopkins University students ahead of the IMF’s spring meeting.

Ukraine’s ailing economy, combined with fresh geopolitical tension in Crimea and now US-led sanctions against Russia, have Lagarde worried the consequences won’t be contained regionally, but could have an effect on the global economy.

“The situation in Ukraine is one which, if not well managed, could have broader spillover implications,” Lagarde said.
Ukraine’s economy is forecast to contract 3 percent in 2014 as it recovers from a tumultuous year which has nearly wiped out its Eurobond market, currency, and national reserves. Inflation is expected to continue to rise, with the IMF predicting 12 percent in 2014.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Fruits Of Your labor, Vital Veggie’s And ET’s… Oh My!! – 3 April 2014

lisagawlas2There are so many things I want to talk about today, but alas, I woke up late again.  I really have got to stop these afternoon naps, but my eye lids demand otherwise!!  Anyway, I hope I can get out all the very relevant information from yesterdays connections.

There are three that are hanging in my field of vision to share, starting with one of the craziest openings I have ever seen.  This large tree was growing mostly in the field I call March, it’s trunk and root system solid, thick, old.  The front half of this tree was leaning into April, fruits galore on the branches.  There were lemons and oranges and apples and even blueberries (which really grow on bushes.)  It took me not only until the end of the reading to fully understand the significant of the abundant fruit in my ladies reading, but even more understanding came thru as I sat and processed the days seriously new imagery!  So, simply to save time, I am going to combine the understandings of her connection with the lady right after her… which was represented by a garden growing green vegetables.  I think the field is hungry!! lol Continue reading

NaturalNews – Julie Wilson – Harmful Chemicals In Consumer Products Could Be Banned In Vermont Thanks To New Bill – 3 April 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) It’s always refreshing to learn about legislation actually designed to protect the public. A recent move by Vermont is attempting to do just that after the state Senate voted 17-11 to require harmful chemicals found in consumer products to be labeled and/or regulated.

Last week, state officials gave the legislation, S.239, preliminary approval. If passed by the House, the Department of Health would have permission to “identify and regulate potentially dangerous toxins,” according to Campaign for a Toxic-Free Vermont. Continue reading