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Ask and It Is Given – Esther Hicks – Audiobook Full – 4 April 2014

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Lucas – Interesting Stuff – More Power From Water – Press Release Blacklight Power Inc. – 4 April 2014

Electrical Power from Water Fuel

BlackLight has produced millions of watts of power in a volume that is one ten thousandths of a liter corresponding to a power density of over an astonishing 100 billion watts per liter. BlackLight’s nonpolluting power-producing SF-CIHT cell catalytically converts H2O-based solid fuel directly into brilliant light-emitting plasma power, an essentially fully ionized gaseous physical state of the fuel comprising essentially positive ions and free electrons. The SF-CIHT cell plasma is the same temperature as the Sun emitting the same solar spectrum of light, but at extraordinary power equivalent to 50,000 times the Sun’s intensity at the Earth’s surface. Optical power is converted directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells (solar cells). Very high-power, high-efficiency cells are commercially available convert the SF-CIHT cell optical power directly into electricity at its 100 billion watts per liter power density. Patents are filed worldwide. Continue reading


Gyroscopic Propulsion With Eric Laithwaite – 4 April 2014

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Méline Lafont – The Eye Of Isis – Instigator Of Ascension – 4 April 2014

MélineMéline: I was feeling some interest in the Eye of Isis because 4 nights ago while buzzing in my body, this pure white eye appeared in my awareness but it was slightly different than the Eye of Horus. I noticed the difference in energy and so when I questioned its origin, the Name of Isis popped up. I had totally forgotten about this, as most lately everything is being forgotten instantly after experiencing it, until a friend of mine asked me if I ever heard of the eye of Isis. This visual remembrance came back in and so I tuned in with Isis and this is what beautiful Isis has to say about this all.Isis ~ I-sis ~ Eye- Sis

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ZeroHedge – DoJ Confirms “Insider Trading” Probe Of HFT – 4 April 2014

ZeroHedgeAnd all it took for the FBI, the SEC and now the DOJ to figure out the casino was rigged all along, was for a Michael Lewis book to do their job for them.


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ZeroHedge – BATS Admits CEO Lied About HFT On CNBC – 4 April 2014

ZeroHedgeIt is now quite clear why BATS CEO Bill O’Brien was so agitated during the Tuesday’s screamfest on CNBC. As The Wall Street Journal’s Scott Patterson reports, under pressure from the NYAG, BATS has hurriedly issued a statement correcting the CEO’s false comments during the exchange with IEX’s Brad Katsuyama. After Katsuyama said “you wanna do this, let’s do this” clearly giving him an out, O’Brien stated that BATS priced its trades off ‘high-speed’ data feeds when in fact they price their trades off a much slower feed (and therefore ‘enable’ the exact HFT-front-running that is in question).

Here is the clip in particular where O’Brien lies following Katsuyama’s question… that BATS uses the high-speed feed to price its trades…

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com /link to original article

ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 4 April 2014

  • ZeroHedgeNato chief defends eastern advance (FT)
  • Russia looks east as it seeks to rebalance trade interests (FT)
  • Plane from Guinea briefly quarantined in Paris after Ebola scare (AFP)
  • US attacks Japan’s stance on Trans-Pacific Partnership (FT)
  • Thank you IMF: Ukraine PM says will stick to austerity despite Moscow pressure (Reuters)
  • U.S. Army seeks motive for Fort Hood shooting rampage (Reuters)
  • China Slowdown Adds to Emerging-Market Growth Hurdles, IMF Says (BBG)
  • Top investors press Allianz to step up oversight of Pimco (Reuters)
  • U.S. to Evaluate Role in Mideast Peace Process, John Kerry Says (WSJ)
  • ECB Addresses The Zero Lower Bound (FT)
  • Scientists dismiss claims that Yellowstone volcano about to erupt (Reuters)
  • Ukraine detains 12 riot police on suspicion of ‘mass murder’ (Reuters) – on CIA orders?

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Jon Rappoport – The Artist On Trial Against The State – 4 April 2014

jon7June 9, 2061, Ohio 27-b: the region designated as the seat of all hearings and trials of artists accused of crimes against the State.

No jury, no attorneys.

On this day, His Honorable and Sacred Hayakawa L. Schwartzbaum, Magistrate of Federal Dispensations, on loan from The CIA-Harvard University, sat behind his table. He was an expert in the history of history. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Alex Pietrowski – The Changing Face Of Revolution – 3 Inspiring People Who Are Undermining The Matrix – 4 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comThe matrix has us. It surrounds and keeps us busy working diligently within its nifty little paradigms, hard at work at our own enslavement and self-destruction. Behind the scenes of every aspect of life are codes, regulations, rules and agendas we cannot see, but yet are there to keep us in line and disconnected from true health and prosperity.

If you’ve mustered the consciousness to see through at least some of the illusions that govern our sickly world, then you already know that the truth about the human condition and human potential does not have a voice in the history books, and that double-speak and programming are the lead factors in turning practical concepts into impractical, unachievable feats of defiance.

Read the full story and  see the videos at: www.activistpost.com /link to original article

ActivistPost – James Hall – Underground Commerce Is The Real Economy – 4 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comAs the deadline for filing yearly income taxes is rapidly approaching, businesses especially hard pressed to make a profit in a depressed economy struggle with their tax compliance. Reporting legitimate deductions and costs is the easy part. When you are losing money, disclosing a diminished income stream based upon lower margins, is not a difficult decision. Nevertheless, small enterprises burdened with government regulation costs and tax obligations, often are unable to conduct business and retain a net return. Self-proprietorships frequently are so scared that many look to the cash underground economy to hide income earnings.

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