ActivistPost – Alex Pietrowski – The Changing Face Of Revolution – 3 Inspiring People Who Are Undermining The Matrix – 4 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comThe matrix has us. It surrounds and keeps us busy working diligently within its nifty little paradigms, hard at work at our own enslavement and self-destruction. Behind the scenes of every aspect of life are codes, regulations, rules and agendas we cannot see, but yet are there to keep us in line and disconnected from true health and prosperity.

If you’ve mustered the consciousness to see through at least some of the illusions that govern our sickly world, then you already know that the truth about the human condition and human potential does not have a voice in the history books, and that double-speak and programming are the lead factors in turning practical concepts into impractical, unachievable feats of defiance.

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