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Aisha North – Manuscript Of Survival – Part 409 – 4 April 2014

AishaNorthYou have by now started to prepare yourselves for what lies ahead, for even if you are not consciously aware of it, your innermost being has been waiting for this forever. You see, you knew beforehand what you could expect on this journey, and even if that may seem like too much to comprehend at the moment, you came down into this physical body of yours, this time traveller to find another well-fitting description for it, well versed in the challenges you would face along the way. You also came in knowing that this would not be merely toil, travail and heartache, for the real reason for your arrival here this time was one of joy and one of elation. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Openhearted Creativity – Part 1/2 – 4 April 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Here, I’d like to look at creativity as perceived from a higher-dimensional standpoint. Is creativity produced in the mind, or is there a much deeper force behind our creative endeavors that increases the beauty and intricacy of the things we bring into the world?

Should we try to force our minds into a creative state and hold our art to a rigorous standard, or should we let it flow and turn out however it may? Personally, I’ve had trouble creating from a purely intellectual place, and every time I do, I’m reminded to turn within and let the heart-centered flow take over. Continue reading

CommonDreams – In Kiev, Crushing IMF Austerity Defended As ‘Price Of Independence’ – 4 April 2014

common-dreamsInterim Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk continues to tell Ukrainians and the world that gutting pensions

– Jon Queally, staff writer

The new Ukraine government in Kiev, currently led by interim Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, continues to tell its people that the only path forward for the country is to submit to the demands of the international financial powers—specifically the International Monetary Fund—by meeting their demands to implement draconian cuts to social funding, pensions, and otherwise “liberalizing” the economy in exchange for billions of dollars in bailout loans. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – Massive Theater, Smoke And Mirrors Desperately Invoked To Portray Obamacare As A Success – 4 April 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) The Obama administration and its friends in the press and public policy sector have gone all in to declare the President’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, a “success” now that 7 million people have allegedly signed up for coverage under the law’s exchanges.

But there are a number of things which make this victory lap that the White House is taking seem foolish and inherently political; under further scrutiny, it becomes obvious that a number of claims being made by the administration about Obamacare are misleading, if not outright false: Continue reading

Gas Prices In Europe To Rise 50%, If It Abandons Russia’s Supplies – Energy Minister – 4 April 2014

RT logoDomestic prices in Europe will go up by at least 50 percent, if it cuts supplies from Russia, according to Russia’s Energy Minister Alexandre Novak.

“Moving away from pipeline transportation of natural gas, construction of terminals and deliveries of liquefied natural gas will lead to an increase in gas prices in Europe from the current $380 per 1,000 cubic metres to at least $550,” Novak said in an interview to the Russia 24 TV Channel.

“And the question arises: are the economies of European countries ready to supply and consume gas at such a price?” the Minister asked.

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Brussels: Police Disperse Protesters With Tear Gas, Water Cannon (In Marches Against Austerity And Unemployment) – 4 April 2014

RT logoBrussels police used tear gas and water cannon in clashes with protesters, as thousands gathered at a trade union rally against austerity. Violence in the area where many government offices are situated caused a lockdown at the US embassy.

Around 25,000 people, according to Brussels police spokeswoman, Ilse Van de Keere, marched against austerity and unemployment. They were faced with a heavy-handed police response.

Initially, the trade unions expected to see 40,000 demonstrators on the streets of Brussels.

Some demonstrators threw oranges and cobblestones at police. Violent clashes also took place near the US embassy.

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‘No More Cuts!’ Thousands Across Spain Stage Anti-Govt Protests – 4 April 2014

RT logoThousands of people in dozens of Spanish cities have taken to the streets to voice their discontent with harsh government policies and the EU’s plans for further austerity cuts which they claim are destroying their country.

The residents in over 50 Spanish cities, including the capital, Madrid, have taken part in the anti-government protests on Thursday, reported the local press.

The demonstrators were holding banners saying “Rise up European peoples” and “No social cuts, no pensions of misery.”

Among those who rallied were also the employees of the local Coca-Cola factory in Spain, which is threatened with closure. “Don’t drink Coca Cola” said their banners.

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Local Elections In Turkey: A Referendum-Of-Sorts, A Fraudulent Exercise And A Syrian Connection – 4 April 2014

RT logoAuthor: Dr. Can Erimtan is an independent scholar residing in İstanbul, with a wide interest in the politics, history and culture of the Balkans and the Greater Middle East. He tweets at @theerimtanangle

Over the past months, Turkey has been rocked by revelations that the government led by the extremely popular yet polarizing figure of Recep Tayyip Erdogan was (and continues to be) involved in far-reaching corruption and other venal practices.

As a result, the local or municipal elections at the end of March were seen by many as a kind of referendum, as a welcome opportunity for the disenchanted to show their lack of support for the ruling Justice and Development Party (Ak Parti or AKP).

The eagerly awaited election day saw a great many people, with 52 million individuals eligible to vote, trek to the polling stations, keen to cast their ballots and determine the identities of newly-appointed mayors and their administrations all across the country. At the end of the day, the results came as no surprise really: the ruling AKP got a whopping 43.30 percent of the nationwide vote, the opposition CHP a meager 25.61 percent, and their fellow-opposition MHP 17.64 percent; whereas, the Kurdish BDP won overwhelmingly in the country’s south-east, amassing 4.65 percent nationally.

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RSPCA Law Approved To Isssue Fines To Cruel Farmville Users – 4 April 2014


5 April, 2014

In a radical move to impress upon the Australian public the importance of our domestic pets and animals, the Victorian Government approved the “Cruelty to Virtual Animals Act 2014”.

Emily Thompson, the Australian President of the RSPCA said Friday morning “The RSPCA welcomes the Governments decision in outlawing cruelty to animals of any kind. Be they real or virtual. We must educate our children about it’s importance. We want to educate people at the level that they engage in and the use of virtual games that involve animals is a great place to start. Our studies have shown that those who are cruel to virtual animals are more likely to engage in cruelty to real animals. Issuing infringements to these users will act as a deterrent”

When asked how this will be policed, particularly users who play games with virtual animals in them in the privacy of their own home, Ms Thompson Said “At this stage we don’t have any plans on monitoring these users. However, we are happy that we have the co-operation of social networks such as Facebook where popular games like Farmville will be a good place to start. Australian users will be issued with a warning and then fined if the behavior continues.”

The penalties range from $70 and up to $20,000 depending on severity of the cruelty.

Plans in the future include the monitoring of game plays involving animals through accounts like XBOX LIVE and using the National Broadband Network to identify specific user IP addresses.

Users of Facebook, PAYPAL or XBOX LIVE accounts will be debited automatically to ensure the highest compliance in the payment of penalties issued by the RSPCA.

Mrs. Thompson says that the revenue generated from this will help to fund the many shelters and homes that they provide for the animals in their care, as well as the provision of a platform for educating Australians about the importance of our wildlife and domestic pets.

Reporter: Gee Raff.

(This was a fake story that is already maybe true. )

European Parliament Votes For Net Neutrality Bill Set To Hit Online Giants Hard – 4 April 2014

RT logoThe European Parliament has voted in a bill that will eliminate cell phone roaming fees and keep big telecoms operators from selectively slowing down web traffic to make more profit. The popular measure is set to create a single EU communications market.

That is what its creators believe is needed for a Europe segmented by overcharging mobile phone operators and prioritized internet traffic. The law, while containing a few other provisions to make the EU consumer’s life easier – like increased consumer protection on contracts – will also deal a huge blow to traffic-hungry companies like Google and NetFlix, who have always insisted that such measures create extra costs for them.

The idea of the ‘single market’ will also strike at giant cell phone operators like Britain’s Vodafone and France’s Orange, forcing them to provide a better service to their customers.

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