Ron Van Dyke – Are Some People Simply Unsatisfiable? – 4 April 2014

Uploaded on 3 April 2014 by paradoxman316 The comments and complaints of some of the most persistent critics of Swiss Indo are no longer seen because I chose to shield myself from what I was perceiving as abuse; however, not every critic was cut off. It was hoped that yesterday’s conversation would be helpful, especially to the critics. Not true! One man wants to know, for example, where did the money come from, even though that information has been provided all along in The History of Banking, An Asian Perspective. […] Following MelVe’s professional example, I will submit a list of questions to Mr. Sugih and request a conversation in which he might choose to answer some of those questions, with an interpreter, which I will make available to the public. (That’s not the way I normally do my videos.) Even if he chooses to answer every question truthfully; I suspect there will be those who will still not be satisfied. Perhaps these are those who simply cannot discern the difference between truth and the fraudulent ways of the current world.

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