AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Engaging Inner Tech… Don’t Think… Just Fly! – 5 April 2014 BIG shift. This is real. This is so real, that as a result of the Cosmic Intelligence helping me to recall my flying/time-travel abilities on the night of April 3rd, I have lost interest in being the reporter or informer to those that don’t already KNOW and accept on some level that they are more… that they are ALL… and that they are ready to BE and apply this Inner Tech now. No more wasting energy. It’s time to FLY!

I’m taking ownership. I accept that I AM on Earth. And I continue with this blog for no other reason but to share how this manifests in my life from time to time. I am also excited to hear how it manifests in others who have accepted I AM – inside and out – as well.

On the day before the transforming lucid dreams, I grieved for the collective ALL day. I processed a lot of shit. This is something I’ve done my whole life, and I’ve met others now who do this for Mother Earth and humanity as well. We have enough experience with the process that we know instinctively and clearly what’s personal and what’s collective. Here’s a summary of the lucid dream details that created this next big shift in me.

The energy/light beings that I have known and interacted with over my lifetime were helping me to engage my flying (and so much more) abilities. There were a series of coaching scenarios. Initially doing lift offs from the ground, but mostly I was taken very high up into the clouds and blue sky… it felt ridiculously high. There were flat silver disks – maybe about a 6-10 foot circumference – in a variety of staggered positions in the clouds. I was standing on one and was being encouraged to jump off into the sky below. I felt some hesitation, but I also fully trusted the familiar beings that were with me. I jumped off and was falling very fast, as expected, when I remembered something that felt like “but of course!” I will call on this ability right now. I simply called on the knowing and ability and it literally “engaged” in that second. “It’s like riding a bike… you never forget.” And the key to this was, DON’T THINK. There was zero thinking involved in this event.

This is a strange statement as I type it, but the very best part of the dream wasn’t the flying – as thrilling as that was – it was the feeling within my body when it remembered and engaged!!!  And within that feeling was all the other amazing inner tech that I knew I could draw on again if I chose.

I’m phasing out the “Coming Out as a Contactee” Facebook Page. It doesn’t feel right for me to use my energy for that now. Some of us are building community via other platforms, and that feels far more direct and supportive – with more of an efficient approach and use of our energy.

Meanwhile, don’t think… just FLY! (…and laugh and shout with exuberance and joy!)

I wrote this song, “Fly”, at the turn of the century. Like most of the material I’ve received and shared over the years, it was always intended for this time, and it makes far more sense in this current context… just like a lot of our lives. Don’t give up. If it hasn’t begun for you yet, things will make far more sense very soon. Feel like you never fit in? It’s because thankfully you don’t! Engage now, and create the world that you do feel at home within. link to original article


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