Lisa Gawlas – The Partnered Energy Of The Sun And The Moon Is In Play! – 5 April 2014

lisagawlas2There days in the field are getting curiouser and curiouser.  I should have realized when I attempted to read on the 3rd and came up blank just about all day, another shift was underway, but I was too busy complaining to the universe… again!  But even in that, the game is getting interesting.  By the third attempt at connecting that day (the 3rd) I was going to email the remaining three and let them know I am down if they wanted to go ahead and reschedule, or wait and have a chat with me.  For as down as I was, my team got thru and waved their pointer finger at me and said no, connect with everyone, especially this one man I had on my agenda, they needed to get a message to him.  Kewl beans??  Sure enough, they opened my antenna just enough to see this large, looming ET head way across his field and that he really needed to start connecting to this important ally upon his path.  Like I said, y’alls ET friends are getting quit pesky, adamant even!!

As soon as I finished my last rescheduling for the day, my team found a really great way to get me out of bitching mode.  The wash of energy, the absolute knowing of how important we are to the unfolding story underway.  Not only our story, our understandings, but the mutual sharing of energy, of love and excitement.  I was in such awe of this feeling and let me tell you, it was not sent just for me, but especially to you too.

Then as the day progressed, it became the strangest feeling in me that I have ever had.  I think it must be what a balloon that has been blown up for a long time and then finally gets to deflate, must feel like.  But what is even stranger, as I was “deflating” this intense sadness went with it.  Like all the tears of the world was suddenly set free.  And then….. nothing.  Nothing at all.  That was weirdly nice.  Even as I type that out, I hear my team saying “A cup that is already full, has no room for more.”

Well, as the day presented itself yesterday, I had plenty of room for more and zero exhaustion thru it all.  That alone was a pleasant change of pace.  But something changed… again!!

We know the sun itself has been keeping time with our growth and evolution on earth.  During the evening of the 3rd into the 4th, it exploded out of three holes almost at once.  This triple solar explosion showed up in just about every connection of the day in a very curious way.

The initial explosion is affecting our now moments, enhancing and expanding them.  Over the next week and a half, the other two will come into play as the third explosion itself aligns with the full lunar eclipse on the 15th.

And thru every single reading yesterday, the eclipse itself has become the focal point itself, aligned in every persons center path.  Meaning, the energy of it will not be missed by a single soul on earth, enhanced daily with this triple sun energy released too.  Wowza!!

Just to be perfectly clear in all of this too, my team never talks in terms of “dimensions” but they do in frequencies.  We are not going to transverse dimensions before we engulf and own the individual frequencies harnessed in all the dimensions.  Like taking a bite of food at a time and not trying to eat the entire plate in front of you.  Each bite is important to digest, to use as your new vital energy.

We are going to have many upticks of frequencies over this year, sectioned off by planetary events (the equinox that just passed, now the eclipse that is up and coming) and so many other things happening in between.  We tend to want to know what our future will hold and yet, do not look at what is in front of us right now.  New energy.  New use for this energy.  If we do not go out and stake our claim in this new energy, then the future will hold the same thing that is happening today, just more of the same to get us into the expanded version of our Self now available.

We must also release from our minds the memory of what we have not been able to achieve to date.  You can… whatever it is you desire, is there for you to experience.  You must work this new energy like we worked our asses off to remove the old energy, only now we can call it play instead of work.

So on that note, enjoy the new energy aerating your life’s garden, enjoy the rooting of your new, expanded life in living color and then feel the winds of change pull you out of center, out of your comfort zone and let the domino’s fall into place as we move forward!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of amazing energy potential to ALL!!

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