Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Be Easy Open And Free – 6 April 2014

LarryLarsonIf you will relax about all that is unfolding in front of you in your world you will discover that there is no cause for concern. It is your concerns that are actually blocking you from your awareness of the Great Plan that is demonstrating itself before you. And by “concerns” we do not mean those objects or events that are unfolding, but your concern—your worry—about them.

In order for you to feel worry you must first disconnect yourself from the plan of divine unfolding. If you remain connected with Source it’s just not possible for you to be in the wrong place or the wrong time. In your allowing, or disallowing, of the Great Plan you are making a choice. It happens so quickly you don’t realize what you have done. It’s the choice that says, “There’s something wrong with this picture.” It’s the choice that says, “I can do a better job of this.”

But you see, it’s not your actions that are going to bring all of your desired states of being into life, it is your allowing of them. All that you do should come from that cool, calm center at the core of your being—your hara, just below the navel. When you are centered there the noise of your world will not throw you off your path. You will act; but your actions will be more in the finding of pleasing, joyful things rather than finding things that “need’ to be done. And when it is time for something to be done you will find joy and pleasure in that as well.

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